G2 Survive versus Lynn Vision After Losing First Map » TalkEsport

G2 Survive versus Lynn Vision After Losing First Map » TalkEsport

G2 knocked Asian side Lynn Vision out of BLAST Fall Showdown, surviving a shock loss in the first map which had them stranded. 

Lynn vision is currently the 3rd best Chinese side, behind Tyloo and ViCi Gaming. They qualified for BLAST Fall Showdown from the Chinese Qualifier, ahead of ViCi Gaming. 

All the odds were in G2’s favor coming into the game, as is expected. G2 are ranked number #5 in the world while Lynn Vision is currently #117 in the world. 

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But the Asians weren’t to be taken lightly as they took the series to the whole 3 maps, winning their pick of vertigo. G2 need to take great care of their map pool, with the Major being less than 2 weeks away.

They subsequently lost both maps convincingly but they showed that they would be a force to be reckoned with in the future, and have great upset potential.

The 16-14 win was fueled by an insane 1v5 from Starry to kick off the T pistol from his side. He killed 4 members of G2 with the Glock, before knifing ‘nexa’ for the last kill with 0.02 seconds left on the defuse.

There wasn’t much to write home about in the two maps that followed, as G2 seemed reinvigorated after the first map upset. They came back strong with 9 CT rounds on inferno and a good T side which needed just 7 rounds for them to take the win.

Nuke was, even more, one-sided as G2 won the first 11 rounds of the CT side, and finished the first half at 13-2. They struggled a bit on the T side but an 11 round cushion was more than enough for them to close the map.

NiKo stood out with 70 kills and 54 deaths in the series.

Lynn Vision are now eliminated while G2 play the winner of EG/Mad Lions on Saturday.

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