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Two teams coming off a hot streak of wins faced each other on the qualification match of PGL Stockholm that would see them book a place in the playoffs.

A best of 3 between two stunning teams saw G2 opt for Mirage while Entropiq went for Dust 2 and leave Ancient for the decider. A strong start for the French-Balkan mix, with Nikola ‘niko’ Kovac starting strong, which would automatically translate to a G2 win, but it was far from what we expected. The dark horse in Entropiq was quick to answer back, making the first half extremely competitive, ending 8-7 favoring G2.

The story remained unchanged for the second half which made it quite difficult for G2 to get comfortable in their own map. A bit of back and forth, with G2 showing up with a well-drilled offense, helped them close it out by the skin of their teeth, winning it with a 16-14 scoreline.

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Dust II was supposed to be a comfortable map for Entropiq yet it was anything but that. G2 quickly turned the momentum on its head with a force buy win. Relentless aggression and some sharp shooting didn’t give the CIS squad any leg to stand on. 10-5 on the first half that quickly turned into a 16-7 in no time one G2 found themselves on the offense.

With a rather exciting 2-0 win over Entropiq, a team that looked like destined to have a deep run here at the major, found them needing a win to secure a playoff spot in the arena.

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