G2 outclasses Monte to reach the next round of IEM Katowice 2024

G2 vs Monte IEM Katowice 2024

G2 outlast Monte to make it to the next round of the IEM Katowice. The defending champions came into the game off the back of an underwhelming performance against ENCE the day before while Monte made it to this stage dominantly beating Cloud9.


  • G2 removed Mirage
  • Monte removed Inferno
  • G2 picked Nuke
  • Monte picked Vertigo
  • G2 removed Overpass
  • Monte removed Ancient
  • Anubis was left over

MAP 1: Nuke

G2 got off to a stellar start on their map pick. A well-drilled T-side saw them squeeze the life out of Monte as they went 7-0 before G2 lost a round. G2 remained highly dominant throughout the entirety of their offense as Monte had no answers to the slow methodical approach G2 closed the first half with a dominant 10-1 scoreline. Monte got a few more rounds on the board before G2 shut them down with a 13-4 dominant scoreline.

MAP 2: Vertigo

Monte showed up with more confidence on their map pick. G2 who struggled with Vertigo struggled to keep Monte at bay which caused them to pick up 6 rounds on their offence. G2 were not able to put up a good hold as Monte cruised through their defense while putting up solid work on their own CT side. m0nesy and co. had no answers to the Monte defense as they pushed the game to the third map with a dominant scoreline of 13-8.

MAP 3: Anubis

As G2 found themselves back in a corner, they came out swinging with a very one-sided start to their offense on Anubis. Monte only managed 3 rounds as G2 started firing on all cylinders especially with NiKo hitting an IR of 2.02 across the board while finding 5 openings in the map. A vintage NiKo performance saw G2 dominate Anubis as Monte found themselves out of IEM Katowice while G2 lived to fight for another day. The final map of the series ended with a 13-6 scoreline favoring G2.

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