FURIA Secure Champions Stage Spot With Win Over Entropiq » TalkEsport

FURIA Secure Champions Stage Spot With Win Over Entropiq » TalkEsport

FURIA becomes the third team after Natus Vincere and G2 to book a spot at the Aviici Arena for the Playoffs of the PGL Major. The win comes after an early loss to Astralis set them to 0-1, but they bounced back vs Mouz, domestic rivals Liquid and now Entropiq to make it to the top 8. This would also mean that ‘VINI’ and ‘drop’ would get their first Player Autographs, alongside ‘B1T’ from NaVi.

Entropiq can still qualify, if they win their final best of 3 against a team who also goes 2-2 in the New Legends Stage of the Major. FURIA are now the only team from NA to make it to the playoffs after EG was eliminated yesterday by Vitality and FaZe eliminated Team Liquid today.

The game itself was a drawn out affair in terms of no. of maps. Both the teams traded each other’s map picks, by a comfortable margin and had to battle it out on Ancient as they decider.

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FURIA ran Entropiq ragged when they were on the CT side as the Russians couldnt handle the all around aggression and brilliant anchoring from ‘VINI’. With an 11-4 half FURIA cruised to a map win 16-6, losing just 2 rounds in the process as VINI racked up 27 kills and just 9 deaths.

Nuke started off close as well, with 7 T rounds for FURIA to Entropiq’s 8. But the floodgates opened as soon as the CIS roster got to the T side. ‘Krad’ and ‘Lack1’s duo made it easy for them to get onto bombsites and good mid round calling from ‘Nickelback’ helped them get 8 rounds with ease as they won out  the game 16-8.

Ancient was a more brawly affair, as at first FURIA seemed to run away with it. Entropiq’s T side was flat and they couldnt get past ‘yuurih’ on the B bombsite. They registered just 6 rounds as the half ended 6-9 in FURIA’s favour. 

FURIA got off to a wonderful start, with 5 rounds on the trot to put them up14-6. A magnificent 1v4 from ‘yuurih’ with the AWP hyped them up even more as they looked set for a blow out once again.

But Entropiq didnt back down so easily and brought back 5 rounds, and then another 2 to bring it to 15-12. 

‘VINI’ the hero of Vertigo, came back with another 1v3 clutch to take his team to the playoffs, as the last remaining team from NA, and also the last 5 Brazilians at the PGL major.

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