Frostpunk publisher and Witcher remake dev unveil isometric RPG The Thermaturge

Frostpunk publisher and Witcher remake dev unveil isometric RPG The Thermaturge

11 Bit Studios, the developer behind the acclaimed likes of This War of Mine and Frostpunk, has unveiled The Thaumaturge, a new “story-rich” isometric RPG from developer Fool’s Theory that it’s publishing as part of partnership announced last year.

Fool’s Theory – a “collective of AAA veterans” whose work includes open-world RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone and in-development remake of the original Witcher for CD Project – teased its new title under the name Project Vitriol last June, describing it as a “deep, morally ambiguous narrative-driven RPG” and promising more details soon.

A little later than expected, Project Vitriol has has now had its proper unveiling as The Thaurmaturge, a “story-driven RPG with a unique take on combat, character development features, and investigation mechanics” that touches upon the “complex theme of inner demons” and will require players to make “morally ambiguous choices”.

The Thaumaturge – Announcement Trailer.

The Thaumaturge takes place in Warsaw, Poland, in the early 20th century after its annexing by Russia. It’s a place Fool’s Theory describes as a “city of conspicuous contrasts” where “poverty and hooliganism are as much its shades as high society wealth and political plotting”, and it’s here players will have the chance to step into a “spiritual world driven by powers concealed beyond the comprehension of ordinary men”.

“Existing in the supernatural cracks between the real world and the shadows…are esoteric beings called Salutors,” Fool’s Theory explains. “Only a Thaumaturge can truly perceive a Salutor and use their unique abilities to…pry deep into the crevices of the human personality [and] find a person’s honest intentions and surreptitious desires alongside someone’s shameful secrets, distortions, exaggerations, and imperfections.”

But not only do Salutors enable Thaumaturges to “manipulate humans, preying on their secrets and insecurities, bending one’s will to their own needs while changing the world surrounding them”, they’ll also play a part in the game’s turn-based combat, proving “highly useful during dangerous encounters in the dark alleys of districts like Praga.”

So far, the The Thaumaturge is only confirmed for release on PC at some currently unspecified future point, but gameplay is set to be shared during March’s GDC, suggesting it mightn’t be too long until we hear more.