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In Fire Emblem Engage, players have the option to select from a diverse range of characters when building their army. When deciding on the best units for your team, it is crucial to take into account each character’s statistics and construct your army accordingly. This can lead to confusion as to what each stat represents in the game.

All Fire Emblem Engage Stats, explained

Each unit in the game has a unique stat total, which increases as they level up. This is impacted by the unit’s stat growth rates, with some units experiencing faster growth in certain stats than others.

A unit’s stat spread will determine in which aspects of combat they excel and which they may struggle with. To help you better understand the game, here is a breakdown of all the stats in Fire Emblem Engage and their meaning.

Character Stats

  • HP:
    • Determines how much health a unit has.
  • BLD: Build
  • STR: Strength
    • Affects the physical damage a unit inflicts.
  • MAG: Magic
    • Affects the magical damage a unit inflicts.
  • DEX: Dexterity
    • Affects the critical hit rate and critical rush attack power.
  • SPD: Speed
    • Affects the cooldown of combat arts and magic.
  • DEF: Defense
    • Affects a unit’s physical resistance.
  • RES: Resistance
    • Affects a unit’s magical resistance.
  • LCK: Luck
    • Increases odds of finding recovery items.
  • Move:
    • Determines a unit’s speed in combat.
  • Rating:

Weapon Stats

  • PH Attack:
  • Hit:
    • Affects the odds of landing a hit.
  • Crit:
    • Affects the odds of landing a critical hit.
  • Spd:
    • Affects the avoidance rate.
  • Avo:
    • Affects the odds of avoiding enemy attacks.
  • Ddg:
    • Affects the odds of avoiding critical hits.
  • Rng:
    • Affects the distance at which you can attack.

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