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Glitches are nothing new in EA Sports’ FIFA franchise. This FIFA 22 Ultimate Team No Loss glitch is something a few gamers are using to stay ahead of the others. The glitch will let you get out of the ongoing game without getting any loss record.

Isn’t this glitch calamitous? Players can use this glitch to abandon any game they are losing and push their ranks just by playing the games they are winning. Till now EA hasn’t fixed it.

How to utilize the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team No Loss Glitch?

To utilize the glitch, go to the home screen while losing a FIFA 22 match on your console. Then wait for 30 seconds and go back to the game. You will get kicked for inactivity. However, when the Ultimate Team screen will get loaded, there won’t be any record of the loss.


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♬ original sound – SkillzApex

This glitch should work in both PlayStation and Xbox.

Note: Utilize this glitch at your own risk. If you get banned for utilizing this glitch, TalkEsport won’t be responsible.

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