Fans Express Anger and Disappointment After GTA Trilogy Launch Debacle

Fans Express Anger and Disappointment After GTA Trilogy Launch Debacle

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, a game that remastered some of the best GTA games was released on 11th November, but soon after its release Rockstar Game Launcher (Rockstar’s official game client) was pulled offline for emergency maintenance due to some internal issues. 

While Rockstar Support quickly tweeted out and assured fans that the so-called “maintenance” will be fixed soon, but it took almost a day to fix. In the meantime, the PC version of the game was pulled from the Rockstar Store and was disabled in the launcher. Later, it was discovered that the PC version of the game accidentally shipped with unlicensed music and dev notes that weren’t supposed to be in the game. 

Rockstar also acknowledged their oversight and said that a fix will be rolled out soon and the game will be back on the Store and in the launcher (It’s available now). 

But that’s the launch is least of the worry for the developer. Some people were able to play the game before it was pulled down and noted that the game had loads of bugs and issues including missing textures, invisible props, bad lighting, heavy rainfall, bad character renders, etc. No doubt the remasters look beautiful in right conditions but the performance of the game would be abysmal and sometimes it would crash outright without any warning. 

Fans frustrated with Rockstar’s response and the state of the game launch soon took over social media and started making threads asking about refunds and delaying the launch until the game is playable. Some even joked about the game textures and how bad some characters looked. 

The game currently sits with a 0.5 user score at Metacritic, which is the worst ever score for any GTA game. Now with the physical release planned for December 2021, it is unclear whether these issues will be fixed now or a big patch will be scheduled after the physical release.