Evil Geniuses Star Rookie Player Demon1 Is Attending Masters Tokyo

After stating the unlikeliness of playing for EG at Masters Tokyo, Max “Demon1” Mazanov has surprised everyone with his Tweet

Evil Geniuses barely got the ticket to the Masters, as they weren’t even sure of making the Playoffs at VCT Americas. After their incredible run in the Playoffs where Demon1 led them to victories against NRG and Cloud9, the North American roster secured a spot in the Masters.

However, despite being one of the primary factors of EG making it to Tokyo, Demon1 was almost sure of not attending the Masters event as he wasn’t part of the starting roster soon enough. Today, his Tweet confirmed that this exceptionally gifted rookie is already in Japan for his team.

This has been a major surprise to North American Valorant fans, who have appreciated the raw talent of Demon1’s Jett plays that have allowed Evil Geniuses to become one of the top three squads after being ridiculed at the start of the Americas League. 

With him on the roster, we are expecting the team to shine at the event, and their first match will be against FUT Esports at 20:00 PT / 23:00 ET / 05:00 CEST. Check out the schedule here.


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