ENCE Shut GODSENT Down to go 1-0 Up in Challengers Stage Round 1 at PGL Stockholm

ENCE Shut GODSENT Down to go 1-0 Up in Challengers Stage Round 1 at PGL Stockholm

ENCE join the leagues of FaZe Clan and Copenhagen Flames at 1-0 in the Challengers Stage after defeating GODSENT in their first game. Coming into the RMR with 0 points, ENCE finished as runners up and continued their tear into the Major as they defeated the Brazilians 16-10. Captain Marco ‘Snappi’ Pfeiffer led from the front with 25 kills to his name and a K/D of 2.08.


1. GODSENT removed Mirage

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2. GODSENT removed Dust2

3. ENCE removed Inferno

4. ENCE removed Vertigo

5. ENCE removed Ancient

6. GODSENT removed Overpass

7. Nuke was left over

The veto was interesting to say the least, as despite having a higher percentage of winning, ENCE were the favored ones purely based on the opponents they played. 

ENCE did have a shaky start, losing the force buy after the pistol round and subsequent rounds. It wasn’t until the score was 4-1 that ENCE came back with rounds of their own.

After that ENCE did very well to shut the Brazilians down, with their IGL ‘Snappi’ coming in to save their backs every round, almost making it a given that he will get a 2K on the flank. ENCE ended the half at 9-6 as they switched to the T side.

The start was shaky again after the pistol loss but ENCE recovered quickly, not letting up at all as they won 6 straight rounds before GODSENT found another, but it was too late as ENCE did their due diligence, ending the map 16-10.

Probably the 2nd favourites in the Pick em’s, ENCE start off on the right foot going 1-0 up while GODSENT are down 0-1.

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