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The ESL-powered Intel Extreme Masters: Dallas 2023 is finally underway and we have here with us a quick recap of the happenings around Day 1 of the tournament. 

Before we nosedive into the same, IEM Dallas 2023 features 16 teams who have set sail on North American soil with their eyes on the Championship and a juicy $100,000 USD lion’s share from the prize money. North American-Russian side Cloud9 will be looking to defend their title from the 2022 iteration while ENCE have gotten off to a strong start here in Dallas with a win over Complexity. 

Out of all the matches, the most scintillating one was between FaZe Clan and Evil Geniuses with the latter almost relegating the PGL Antwerp Major champions down to the Lower Bracket run. The Sanzhar “neaLaN” Iskhakov led EG were able to force an overtime over FaZe but just ran out of fuel which seemed to have put their rhythm on a serious throttle. 

The defending champions made quick work off Grayhound, besting the Aussies 16-2 to set up a clash with Astralis in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals. 

Except for Cloud9, North America are yet to bag itself a win as Team Liquid, Complexity, and EG have been sent to the LB. It would hurt the fans to see either Complexity or EG advance as both the teams fight later today to survive in the tournament while Liquid have set themselves up a rematch with Grayhound from the recently concluded Major. 

Let us come to Europe. G2 Esports and Heroic both won their openers and will now contest for a spot in the Semi-finals of the playoffs. Starting as strong favorites, G2 Esports made sure to leave no room for error as they outclassed NOUNS and beat OG later. 

Cloud9 play Astralis at 4:30 AM IST, which should be a shot at redemption for the Danish side after their heartbreaking loss to Vladislav “nafany” Gorshkov and company at the Grand Finals of Brazzy Party. 

Below we have attached all the scores and results alongside some fixtures to keep an eye out for: 

IEM Dallas 2023 Day 1 Results

Group A

Upper Bracket Round 1: Best of 1

  • Heroic 16:9 9z
  • fnatic 9:16 Mouz
  • FURIA 14:16 OG
  • G2 16:5 NOUNS

Lower Bracket Round 1: Best of 3 

  • 9z 2:1 fnatic 

Upper Bracket Semi-finals: Best of 3

  • Heroic 2:0 Mouz
  • G2 2:0 OG

Group B

Upper Bracket Round 1: Best of 1

  • FaZe Clan 19:17 Evil Geniuses
  • ENCE 16:7 Complexity 
  • Team Liquid 17:19 Astralis
  • Cloud9 16:2 Grayhound

IEM Dallas 2023 Day 2 Match-ups 

  • Heroic Vs G2: Group A Upper Finals (Group A) // 01:00 AM IST (Thursday)
  • MOUZ Vs FURIA: Lower Semi-Final (Group A) // 01:00 AM IST (Today)
  • FaZe Clan Vs ENCE: UB Semi-Finals // 01:00 AM IST (Group B) (Today)
  • Cloud9 Vs Astralis: UB Semi-Finals // 04:00 AM IST (Group B) (Today)
  • Team Liquid Vs Grayhound: LB Round 1 // 21:30 PM IST (Group B) (Today)
  • Complexity Vs Evil Geniuses: LB Round 1 // 21:30 PM IST  (Group B) (Today)

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