CSL Esports announces five new sponsors for NACE Starleague

NACE Starleague

Collegiate esports tournament organiser CSL Esports has announced a series of partnerships for the NACE Starleague.

Peripherals firm CORSAIR, glasses manufacturer GUNNAR Optiks, gaming chair firm MAVIX, coaching platform Metafy and fitness company Future will all serve as sponsors of the collegiate esports league.

Image credit: NACE Starleague

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According to the release, the new partnerships will include a variety of activations. This includes broadcasting capabilities, digital marketing integration and giveaways for NACE Starleague participants.

In addition, each individual partner will also establish ‘exclusive sponsorship engagements’ within the league. 

Rob Johnson, CEO, CSL Esports, added: “We are extremely excited that some of the biggest names in esports and beyond will now be official partners of NACE Starleague.

“Each of these brands brings a unique product or offering to the table that significantly enhances the overall experience of collegiate esports student athletes. By partnering with NACE Starleague, these companies are not only contributing to the competitiveness and excitement of gameplay, but will also significantly enhance their brand awareness among the rapidly growing esports community across North America.”

The partnerships will look to enhance the playing experience for collegiate student athletes competing in the league. As such, CORSAIR, GUNNAR Optiks, and Matrix will provide products for NACE Starleague. Meanwhile, Metafy and Future will offer one-on-one sessions to participants. 

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Earlier this month, Monster Energy was named as another partner of the NACE Starleague. However, this agreement was specifically tailored towards the league’s Canadian events.

Esports Insider says: Since the debut of the NACE Starleague, collegiate esports has steadily risen in prominence. The league’s recent partnerships are a testament to its commercial growth. Only time will tell whether the league can positively enhance the esports industry from a competitive standpoint, however, NACE Starleague is succeeding in attracting a range of endemic and non-endemic partners.

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