Copenhagen Flames Through to Legends Stage After Beating Heroic » TalkEsport

Copenhagen Flames Through to Legends Stage After Beating Heroic » TalkEsport

Copenhagen Flames are here to play and what better way to prove it than handing out upset after upset and going 3-0 in the Challengers Stage, beating the likes of Astralis, BIG and Heroic in the process.

They join FaZe Clan to become the first 2 teams to go 3-0 and advance directly to the Legends stage.  


1. Copenhagen Flames removed Inferno

2. Heroic removed Ancient

3. Copenhagen Flames picked Vertigo

4. Heroic picked Nuke

5. Heroic removed Dust2

6. Copenhagen Flames removed Mirage

7. Overpass was left over

MAP 1 : CPF 16-7 Heroic

The match started off with Vertigo, a map not played by either side yet coming into the Major. You couldn’t have guessed whose pick it was as both teams went toe to toe. CPF managed to put up 8 rounds after a slow start to the half. Heroic’s CT setups were dismantled easily once the full buys came around for the Flames as they won the half 8-7

Once they switched sides it seemed that CPF turned on God mode. A ‘roeJ’ 3k to start the pistol went on to be converted into a flawless CT side, only allowing a single bomb plant in an overall flawless CT side to win comfortably, 16-7.

MAP 2 : CPF 11- 16 Heroic

Heroic have been the best nuke team after NaVi in recent times and it’s no wonder it’s their first pick almost always. After losing the 2nd round force things looked shaky for Heroic but they stabilised and only let CPF have a single round as they won 9 rounds on the T side.

Martin ‘stavn’ Lund continued to lay down lead throughout the map as he ended with 31 kills to give his side a comfortable CT side win after the pistol loss to take the series to a 3rd map, winning Nuke 16-11.

MAP 3 : CPF 16-12 Heroic

Heroic continued their brilliant form from Nuke, and it looked like the series would come to an expected conclusion, with Heroic going through to the Legends stage. Heroic won 8 rounds in a row to start the proceedings, as CPF’s T side fell flat on every avenue.

They finally managed a respectable scoreline as they fought tooth and nail for 5 rounds on the T side to end the half with a deficit of 5-10.

CPF had their own masterclass in the CT side ready for their Danish counterparts, primarily through ‘roeJ’. He shut downplays all over the map, allowing Heroic only 2 rounds on the T side. They fought back through man and weapon disadvantages all over, to end the map 16-12 and hand Heroic a Huge upset.

Copenhagen Flames join FaZe Clan alongside NaVi, Gambit, FURIA, Team Liquid, G2, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Vitality, and Evil Geniuses in the Legends Stage of the PGL Stockholm Major.