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The new legends stage match for FaZe Clan and Copenhagen Flames saw the Danes breeze past the EU mix after both teams suffered a defeat at the hands of G2 Esports.

A strong map for both sides Ancient was decided as the playground. A slow start for FaZe as Copenhagen Flames got off to a hot streak. The defense from FaZe looked lackluster and was often found in complete disarray once they found themselves at a man disadvantage. Few mid-round gambles went against them which the Danes made full use off and they were helped by the players of FaZe not finding their stride. Twitszz for FaZe was the shining light before they got in the second half with a 6-9 disadvantage.

The T side from them was far from what we have seen on this map. Failing to post a single round. Fredrik ‘roeJ‘ Jørgensen found his stride and absolutely thrived on the defense which made FaZe fail to post a single round on their offense.

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A quick one for Copenhagen Flames saw get closer to playoffs with now just one win away, with FaZe needing two more to make it there. The stars on FaZe, unfortunately, didn’t align today which made things even worse, with was highlighted by a well-drilled CPG Flames.

Both teams have matches tomorrow that will decide their fate moving forward in the tournament. FaZe needs two back-to-back wins, while CPG Flames has a match cushion to spare.

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