Bungie is completely revamping Destiny 2 buildcrafting and removing the most hated modifier in the game

Strand is the new subclass being added in Lightfall alongside a massive rework of the existing armor and mod systems. (Image credit: Bungie)

When Bungie unlocked almost every Destiny 2 armor mod for players last week, there was an accompanying message that raised a lot of eyebrows: “We want to give everyone a chance to enjoy all mods in their current state”. 

I think most of us expected some sort of rebalancing to come on the February 28 Lightfall expansion release date, but that seemed to hint at something bigger. Today the studio pulled back the curtain on how buildcrafting is changing, and it looks like one of the biggest systemic reworks ever to happen to the game. Almost everything related to buildcrafting—from armor mods, to how champions are stunned, to the much-hated Match Game modifier—is either being substantially changed or in some cases straight-up deleted. 


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