Blizzard boss Jen Oneal was paid less than her male counterpart prior to resigning

Blizzard co-head Jen Oneal announced her resignation earlier this month, barely three months after taking the job, saying that she was “inspired by the passion of everyone” at the studio to move to a more industry-wide approach to improving diversity and inclusion. But according to a new IGN report, she was also motivated in part by the fact that she was being paid less than her counterpart Mike Ybarra, and that Blizzard was apparently reluctant to address the imbalance.

In a message to Blizzard employees, Ybarra said that he and Oneal told Activision Blizzard management that they wanted to be paid the same amount, because they were doing the same job. They were being paid differently, he explained, because they were under separate, existing contracts when they were offered the job to head up Blizzard.

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