Best aggressive pets in Free Fire 2021

Best aggressive pets in Free Fire 2021

The basic goal of aggressive players in Free Fire is to rush in quickly, grab a kill, and then look for the next one. Despite its simplicity, the strategy has proven to be very effective in the community.

A Booyah is practically a certainty when the playstyle is combined with the right character. Nonetheless, with a little help from a pet, this playstyle can be improved.

In Free Fire, certain pets can dramatically improve a player’s combat abilities, allowing them to easily secure more eliminations. It’ll make all the difference if you know which one to pick.

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In Free Fire, what are the greatest pets for aggressive players? 

Top Aggresive Pets In Free Fire:

  • Panda The Detective
  • Night Panther
  • Robo
  • Falco
  • Rockie

5) Panda the Detective

Survival in gunfights necessitates healing. Detective Panda’s ‘Panda’s Blessing’ skill comes into play in this situation. Players will restore 4HP each kill at the base level. At the highest level, this climbs to 10HP each kill.

4) Night Panther

As an aggressive player, you’ll always require resources. Gunfights would be a disaster if they didn’t exist. The Night Panther is the ideal pet under these circumstances. Its ‘Weight Training’ skill increases inventory space by 15, reaching a maximum of 45.

3) Robo

When players play aggressively, they are compelled to rush towards their opponents. Gloo barriers are useful in this situation. They are utilised to acquire protection from oncoming fire while still being able to reach the objective.

Opponents, on the other hand, occasionally unleash a barrage of fire, causing the gloo wall to crumble. Robo’s ‘Wall Enforcement’ ability can be used to prevent this. It provides a 60-HP protection to the gloo wall at its most basic level. This climbs to 100 HP when maxed out.

2) Falco

It’s critical to land first in a Free Fire match if you want to acquire decent rewards. Falco’s ‘Skyline Spree’ skill is useful for aggressive players who want to land quickly in hot-drop zones.

When you skydive, your glide speed increases by 15% at the basic level. After the parachute unfolds, the pace of diving is increased by another 25%. It delivers 45 percent and 50 percent speed enhancements, respectively, when maxed out.

1) Rockie

Rockie is a good choice for aggressive players that rely on characters with active skills. At the base level, his ability ‘Stay Chill’ reduces the cooldown of active skills by 6%. It shortens the cooldown time by 15% when maxed out.

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