Battlefield 2042 guns list: the best weapons to get started with

Battlefield 2042 guns - PBX-45 stats

It's still early days for Battlefield 2042, with some players hopping in for the first time on November 18, so winning strategies and attachments aren't yet set in stone. As you begin getting your footing, here's a list of all the Battlefield 2042 guns you'll be able to unlock, and which we think are the best so far. 

There are 22 guns to unlock in total, including sidearms, and tons of attachments and ammunition to mix and match with each. Attachments have to be unlocked individually for each gun, but the guns themselves are unlocked naturally by ranking up over time.

What are the best Battlefield 2042 guns? 

Early in Battlefield 2042, you'll be working with what you have unlocked. The LCMG is the first LMG you'll unlock at level three, which hits hard with decent long-range accuracy. It's worth trying, because assault rifles feel trickier than they have in the past. It's hard to suppress the desire to shoot while moving with an assault rifle, but at long ranges your bullets are going to be bloom way off-target. Going prone with an LMG can be more satisfying. 

For similar reasons, the SVK marksman rifle and DXR-1 sniper rifles have been popular options early on in multiplayer as they're unlocked at reasonably low account levels.

The SVK in particular hits very hard and, as a marksman rifle (which is different from a sniper rifle), it's better suited for mid-long range fighting than a slower-firing bolt action gun. The SVK is a two-shot kill in most situations, just be careful for its unforgiving kick.

It's not all about range, though. If you like being in the middle of things, don't discount the SMGs. The PBX-45 has a lower fire rate than some of the later SMGs but can shift from close to mid-range combat well enough thanks to a lower recoil. At level 18, you'll unlock the PP-29 which has proven to be a very strong contender so far.

Although it has limited range, it has very little recoil and rips apart enemies at its intended closer ranges. It also has a bulky, loaf-shaped magazine that gives it more bullets per pound than the starter PBX SMG.

As a quick tip, you can replace your default barrel, sights, and other attachments in the cross menu bound to your T key by default if you want to spawn with certain attachments already set. Make sure to equip new barrels and ammo types once you've unlocked them. The Warhawk Compensator barrel reduces vertical recoil without any trade off, according to its stats, so you may as well use it. And when you start unlocking extra ammo types, you'll want to make them available in your T menu—if not for attacking vehicles, then just to have some extra ammo of any kind.

Battlefield 2042 guns: SMGs

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  • PBX-45: (Default) Short range .45 submachine gun.
  • PP-29: (Lvl 18) High-capacity 9mm submachine gun.
  • MP9: (Lvl 26) Lightweight 9mm submachine gun.
  • K30: (Lvl 53) Very close range but high fire rate submachine gun.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Assault

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  • M5A3: (Default) Mid-range semi or automatic assault rifle.
  • AK-24: (Lvl 11) Mid range and high power with 5.45mm rounds.
  • SFAR-M GL: (Lvl 27) Very high firepower with 7.62mm rounds.
  • AC-42: (Lvl 40) Accurate, high fire rate burst shot assault rifle.

Battlefield 2042 guns: LMGs

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  • LCMG: (Lvl 3) High firepower and low recoil LMG.
  • PKP-BP: (Lvl 32) Full auto LMG with 7.62mm rounds.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Marksman

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  • DM7: (Default) Slower but precise extended range rifle.
  • SVK: (Lvl 14) Long range rifle with 4x zoom.
  • VCAR: (Lvl 47) Lightweight and short range rifle.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Snipers

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  • SWS-10: (Default) Long-range bolt action rifle with 6x zoom.
  • DXR-1: (Lvl 24) Extreme range heavy rifle with 8x zoom.
  • NTW-50: (Lvl 60) High-calibre anti-materiel rifle.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Utility

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  • MCS-880: (Lvl 7) Close-range tactical shotgun.
  • GVT 45-70: (Lvl 21) High-power level action rifle.
  • 12M Auto: (Lvl 44) High-power full-auto assault rifle.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Sidearms

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  • G57: (Default) Lightweight close-range pistol.
  • MP28: (Lvl 17) Close range 9mm carbine.
  • M44: (Lvl 29) Manual action high power pistol.