Amazon Permabans Over 1200 New World Accounts For Using Duping Exploit

Recently, Amazon Games announced that they are temporarily switching off the in-game economy, following the discovery of multiple duping glitches. The duping exploits essentially enabled players to duplicate multiple copies of extremely expensive in-game items like trophies and gold.

Now that the economy is back online, the community manager Luxendar made a blog post on forums and explained the situation. As per the post, Amazon Games have dished out permabans to over 1200 players’ accounts that were involved in using the duping exploit. 

“Bad actors discovered through packet manipulation, a bug that allowed players to duplicate in-game coin and resources – a similar attack against a different game system was also recently used in housing. Together for these exploits, we have permanently banned over 1200 players, removing their items from the economy, and canceling their trade post listings. We took decisive action against obvious bad actors with the first pass on November 2nd, permanently banning accounts of the most egregious offenders which eliminated over 80% of duped Coin and item value from the economy.”

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The post further explains about the investigation and work going on in the background to stop any future dupes from happening by correcting or replacing game systems that can be attacked. The team also apologized to the vast majority of non-duping players who were impacted by the downtime and the flood of stuff into the economy. 

“It has taken us time to unravel and identify where the items and coin landed, but as of November 15th, we are glad to report we have permanently banned 460 additional players from either the original trade or newer housing exploits. By doing so we were able to remove 98% of the remaining duped items and Coins in the game. The small amount of duped items that remain were a result of players who stumbled upon the duping issue but did not take exploitive action, and will not be banned.”

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