Worlds 2021 Semifinals – LoL Predictions

Worlds 2021 - PSG Talon and Fnatic are Eliminated

T1, DWG KIA, Edward Gaming and Gen.G are the four teams that will fight in the League of Legends Worlds 2021 Championship Semifinals. The two Korean rivals T1 and DWG KIA will face off on Oct. 30, while Edward Gaming and Gen.G will play their series the following day. Let’s see how both teams have done so far and what we can expect in these semifinals.

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LoL Worlds 2021 Semifinals – DK vs T1

After their 3-0 win against MAD Lions, DK is still undefeated in this year’s Worlds 2021. They’ve been undoubtedly the most consistent team in the tournament, as they’re looking to repeat last year’s success. For the time being, however, they need to go up against their compatriots T1.

The two have already fought each other during the LCK Summer Finals: that time, DK won the championship 3-1. While it wasn’t the closest of the series, T1 was one of the few teams that could take a win a best-of-series. This time around, they might even put up a bigger fight.

T1’s Worlds 2021 run has been great so far. The legendary organization came first in their group, finishing 5-1, but most importantly, beating the LPL team Edward Gaming. The first seed allowed them to have an “easier” time in the quarterfinals, as they swept the other Korean team Hanwha Life Esports. Now, they will have to face yet another Korean team, the toughest one yet.