Worlds 2021 Group Stage Preview & Predictions


Following the end of the Play-ins, Worlds 2021 is finally entering the Group Stage and the stakes couldn’t have been higher! We’re going to take a look at the format and some of the important matches today. To top it all up, we will also give you some tips on how to make the best choices in LoL betting, so you can enjoy League and earn some good cash!

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Worlds 2021 Group Stage Preview

The four groups are going to be competing in a Double Round Robin, with the top two teams of each group advancing to the Knockout Stage. All matches will be best-of-ones. This format undoubtedly brings a lot more volatility, since even the top teams can have an off-day and underperform. Nonetheless, since the teams will be able to play against each other twice, there is always going to be a chance for revenge.

This edition of Worlds 2021 is one of the most competitive and uncertain tournaments in League’s history. Every team in each group has some chance of advancing and upsets are always going to be around the corner. Let’s see some of the matches in Day 1 of Group Stage and analyze every team involved.

100Thieves vs Edward Gaming – 18:00 CET

While this series should be pretty one-sided for Edward Gaming, it is still very important for 100Thieves. North America has always struggled to make it out of Groups at Worlds, and many questions were raised about the realistic chances for LCS teams this year.

100Thieves had the bad luck of ending up with one of the favorites of the tournament, but the learning experience might be more valuable than people might think.

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The NA first seed will have a golden chance to improve their flaws and watching closely how the best teams play their macro. Yes, because LCS teams’ greatest weakness is their macro. They lack the coordination of proper vision setup, as well as a proper understanding of how to play around objectives. Both are game-changing fundamentals and execution is essential for a team’s success.

EDG should easily take this win, but we will be able to assess 100T’s overall level. Depending on how they perform, we will be able to better understand their chances of making it out of groups. As of right now, the probability is low, due to the aforementioned weaknesses.

On the other hand, the LPL 1st seed will definitely try to hide their strategies, waiting for a stronger opponent to show their cards. EDG is stronger both individually and as a team. As a result, the LoL odds for this series are heavy-favored for EDG.

Nonetheless, there are some opportunities. For example, at, the First Drake for EDG will net you a 1.8x return, which is pretty good. Another bet worth making is First Blood: 2.31x for 100T, 1.58x for EDG. If you’re unsure on who to bet for, you can wait for the draft to unfold and make the decision during champ select.

Rogue vs Cloud9 – 20:00 CET

The last game for Day 1 of Group Stage will be the series between Rogue and Cloud9: EU vs NA. Both teams were unlucky with the Groups Draw, ending up with the Asian powerhouses of DAMWON Kia and FunPlusPhoenix. As a result, the probabilities of either two teams advancing to the Knockout Stage are going to be very slim.

Cloud9 didn’t advance directly to the Group Stage, but they had to fight PEACE in order to lock their spot. This was caused by their inconsistency, which has always been their Achilles heel. The team has had these problems throughout their whole season and they never seemed convincing enough to become a top team. For this reason, C9 will definitely struggle in their group, and results might be worse than expected…

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Rogue has been a top team in the LEC for the majority of the season, but unluckily they dropped the ball really hard come playoffs. Their fall of grace was mainly due to Rogue’s one-dimensional playstyle, which got punished once teams got used to it. The individual talent is there, however, RGE lacks flexibility in their drafting and game plans. If they’re not able to snowball their early game lead, then Rogue struggles the longer the game goes.

We’ll have to see whether they were able to fix their weaknesses coming into Worlds, and the match against Cloud9 is going to be a good test. Nonetheless, they are slightly favored: a win for Rogue will net you a 1.66x on your investment. (courtesy of

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