The worst week for Blizzard has been the best week for Riot

The worst week for Blizzard has been the best week for Riot

It’s been a hell of a month for Riot Games and a month of hell for Blizzard Entertainment. In less than three weeks, we’ve seen Riot:

  • Release Arcane, a Netflix TV series that isn’t just good for a videogame adaptation: it’s genuinely amazing, and has had the critical reception to match.
  • Follow that up by surprise dropping two League of Legends spin-offs, action-RPG Ruined King and cute mobile runner Hextech Mayhem.
  • Show off two more new games coming next year.
  • Bring all of its games to the Epic Games Store and celebrate Arcane with crossovers in Among Us, Fortnite, and Magic: The Gathering.

Blizzard’s last few weeks have been the opposite.

  • Blizzard delayed its biggest games, Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, to 2023 at the earliest.
  • Blizzard announced on the same day that studio co-lead Jen Oneal was leaving just three months into the job.
  • Part of Oneal’s resignation email made public in the latest round of damning allegations against Activision Blizzard, where she bluntly stated “the company would never prioritize [its] people the right way.”
  • Blizzard’s flagship event BlizzCon effectively cancelled for 2022.