Riot Games’ recruitment indicates Valorant Mobile in final stages of development » TalkEsport

Riot Games' recruitment indicates Valorant Mobile in final stages of development » TalkEsport

VALORANT Mobile is an upcoming and one of the most anticipated titles that will bring their famous shooting title to mobile platform. Riot Games widened their portfolio on the occasion of ten year anniversary and announced multiple titles including Valorant and LOL: Wild Rift.

Since the release of VALORANT, it has solidified itself as one of the best FPS titles in the market. The fanbase has taken a liking in a unique game and Riot Games quickly realized the potential of porting Valorant to mobile platform.

Games like PUBG and Call of Duty have emerged successful after its release on mobile platforms and Riot Games has also found success with their first mobile game called Wild Rift.

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Riot Games recently confirmed that VALORANT Mobile is indeed under development after several rumours about its testing surfaced on the internet. It will be a hard task to develop a game like Valorant for mobile market due to its intricate mechanisms and apparently the developers are working towards it.

A new job posting was recently updated on the official Riot Games website. The job title is Senior Game Designer for VALORANT Mobile and some of the responsibilities might indicate that Valorant Mobile is in the final stages of its development.

The responsibilities include things like “designing and refining systems that satisfy player needs of competition” and “playtesting the game to provide continuous developments for existing designs and prototypes.”

Riot Games took their time to make Wild Rift as perfect as possible and there were some delays due to the pandemic situation as well. VALORANT Mobile seems to be next in line and players can expect a word from the developers sooner than expected.

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