New Champs, Guild System and more » TalkEsport

New Champs, Guild System and more » TalkEsport

Riot Games is pushing yet another big patch to their mobile title League of Legends: Wild Rift. The developers recently released a teaser video for this patch and hinted towards what players can expect over the next few months. Three new champions along with some gameplay changes and a new feature were unveiled in this video.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is inching closer to its first release anniversary this month and the developers addressed this fact and stated that many things have changed in the past year. A short compilation of all the recent updates were included at the start of this introduction.


New Champions

Riot Games is adding three new champions to Wild Rift in the patch 2.5 update. Veigar, Jayce and Caitlyn are going to be added to the game in next update. Veigar is an AP user with huge burst potential with good CC which makes the champion a suitable choice for mid or support lane.

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Caitlyn will be added to the huge pool of marksmen in Wild Rift. This new champion will yet again diversify the meta with her unique abilities. Jayce is a baron lane champion with a hextech weapon which allows him to switch between a hammer and cannon.

Gameplay Changes

Riot Games has implemented two major changes to the Wild Rift gameplay mechanics. They have added a second Rift Herald that will spawn late in matches and delay the spawn timing of baron as well. This will prolong the initial fights while putting equal focus on both sides of the map.

The damage dealt and taken by rift heralds have been adjusted as well and junglers can now take the herald without team assistance due to new balance.

The second major change is to the match making system. Wild Rift matchmaking was considered as broken by many due to the skill gaps evident in each ranked match. The developers have apparently found a solution by employing a skill-based ranked matchmaking.

In this kind of matchmaking, players with high skill levels will be marked with an emblem and will match with higher tier players in their matches. A player with skillset above their rank will be matched with players multiple tiers above them and hence, this will inevitably provide a balanced experience for the player base.

The new battlepass will be introduced to Wild Rift in the patch 2.5 update. New skins and events are in the pipeline for this upcoming update.

Guild System

The developers will be adding a new feature to the game which will increase the community bonding between players. This feature will be quite similar to other clan systems seen in other games. Players belonging to same guilds can complete task and also compete with other guilds for bragging rights and extra perks.

Players can create a Guild after reaching level 9 and 400 Poro Coins or 200 Wild Cores can be used to do so. A Guild will have multiple levels of command and each one has its own perks.

The most interesting addition to this feature is the Guild vs Guild battles. Players will fight against other guilds in order to collect supplies in a given amount of time. Team with the largest number of points wins the battle.

Guild members need to play in groups and complete several community tasks to earn supply points. When the time starts to run out, guild with less points have a chance to sabotage their opponents by playing in groups of five and win games. The winning guild can defend against this sabotage by playing with their own group of five.

These are the massive changes coming to Wild Rift in the next patch. More details and patch notes will be revealed on a later date.


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