Moonton and Riot Games End Years-Long Mobile Legends Copyright Dispute

Photo of League of Legends and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game logos side-by-side.

The years-long copyright battle between Moonton Games and Riot Games has reached a surprise conclusion. Both companies have settled their disputes, resulting in Riot dropping its lawsuits against Moonton. While the exact terms are hushed, this has major implications for the future of mobile gaming.

Mobile Legends copyright dispute

The Story So Far

Riot Games, creator of the PC phenomenon “League of Legends,” accused Moonton’s hit “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” of copying key elements – from character designs to gameplay mechanics. The case bounced between US and Chinese courts, sparking heated debates among fans and industry watchers alike.

The Settlement’s Potential Impact

The Moonton-Riot settlement raises a number of questions about the future of mobile game development. One key question is how much inspiration mobile games can take from established titles without crossing a line into copyright infringement. This settlement, while lacking detailed rulings, suggests there may be limits, especially when it comes to directly copying core aspects of another game.

Another potential consequence is that the settlement could encourage mobile game developers to focus more on creating unique experiences. The mobile gaming market is fast-paced and highly competitive. This case may serve as an impetus for developers to prioritize innovative ideas rather than relying heavily on designs heavily inspired by successful titles.

Finally, with the legal battle over, both companies can now refocus their resources on what matters most: making great games. For Riot, this could mean a renewed push for “League of Legends: Wild Rift,” while Moonton may work to further differentiate its titles from competitors.