MAD Lions Owner Publicly Criticizes Carzzy


MAD Lions’ Carzzy targeted in the tweet

MAD Lions faced reigning World champions DWG Kia in the quarterfinals. Coming into the series, fans hoped they would make the impossible run a reality. That, however, did not happen as MAD Lions only had a good chance of winning in game 2.

Luis Miguel “Revenant” Amor Velarde, who claimed to be an owner of the MAD Lions, made a post on Twitter later that day. He criticized MAD bot laner Carzzy’s performance. While the original tweet has since been deleted, it was up in the socials enough for people to notice and take evidence.

“I feel sorry seeing Elyola like that, he has to carry them on his back alongside Kaiser,” Velarde said in the original tweet. “I keep thinking that Carzzy doesn’t have the level, but he gives the team things that they consider important. It’s clear for me that I’d put Flakked in the starting roster, but I don’t decide anything related to those things.Carzzy quickly replied.

The initial tweet sparked outrage from fans and members of the community and the tweet was later eliminated. Velarde followed up with another tweet, clarifying his willingness to delete the comment and apologize to Carzzy.

Carzzy didn’t seem fazed much by the backlash as he told the fans he loves the team.

“My friends, don’t be too mad,” Carzzy said. “It doesn’t matter what someone who doesn’t have a single clue about the game says. I am not going to feel down because someone such as @G4G_Revenant said something like this. Just stay happy. Don’t let other people get you down.”