LoL Worlds 2021 – Who Will Survive Group A?

LoL Worlds 2021 - Who Will Survive Group A?

After three days of League of Legends Worlds 2021, Day 4 will determine the two teams in Group A which will advance to the Knockout Stage. Let’s see what went down so far and what we can expect going into this Friday. Who do you think will go through between DK, FPX, RGE and C9?

As always, we’re going to help you with your LoL odds and go through the best bets to make on Day 4. If you want to know what our predictions for each group are, check out our LoL Worlds Pick’em!

Credit: @lolesports

LoL Worlds 2021 – Group A Rankings

  1. DAMWON Kia 3-0
  2. FunPlusPhoenix 2-1
  3. Rogue 1-2
  4. Cloud9 0-3

So far, we saw a dominating DAMWON Kia, who also demolished the LPL seed FunPlusPhoenix. In return, FPX was victorious against the two western teams, as they are looking to bounce back against DK in their rematch.