LoL Undercity Nights Event Takes Over


After last week’s Progress Days in between Arcane acts one and two, it will be time for the LoL Undercity Nights Event to take over. The Undercity of Zaun will feature significant changes and rewards in multiple games, together with a charity tournament called the Riot Gauntlet.

LoL Undercity Nights – New Game Content

Undercity Nights will start on Nov. 14, bringing week-long gameplay changes for multiple titles. The most important one will be the Preseason 2022 for League of Legends. As previously revealed in the past few weeks, the pre-season will add the two new Hextech and Chemtech Dragons to the game, reworked runes and new items, and particular objective bounties to spice up the game. Not only that, but players can unlock a free Arcane Vi skin by winning one match across game modes or playing three games.

Image Credits | Riot Games

The event will also feature updates on Riot’s other titles

To start off, Undercity Nights will coincide with the release of VALORANT’s newest agent. The agent was originally slated to release for act three episode three but got delayed until Nov. 16. The dapper gentleman is none other than Chamber, whose tattoos turn into weapons for him. Look for him to shake up the meta and bring a new look to the game. If you want to know more about Chamber, you can check out his abilities here.

Teamfight Tactics will also add a new game mode called Double Up, where players can team up with a friend as a duo. The two players are going to have a shared health pool and can send gold, items, and champions to help each other, “in search of that crucial Viktor to lock in your comp.”

Thanks to the recent collaborations between Riot Games and other gaming giants, famous titles like Fortnite, PUBG MOBILE, and Among Us will have some “Arcane Energy”, with LoL related in-game content.