LoL: Hanwha Life vs Fnatic Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

LoL: Hanwha Life vs Fnatic Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

It was our first look at what the LEC has to offer at Worlds, and it came against our first Play-ins side in the Group Stage. Could Fnatic show up, and will their bot lane handle the pressure given the recent roster change?

Hanwha Life Esports vs Fnatic

While it wasn’t First Blood, a major early play saw Bwipo late invade and pressure Willer, starving the HLE jungler of any camps. By three minutes, Willer had just two camps to Bwipo’s five. Finally, First Blood came out for FNC after Adam roamed into the mid lane to pick up the important kill. Although, HLE soon got themselves onto the board by punishing Bwipo after they were able to pull the trigger quicker. It was an important kill for HLE, as shutting down Bwipo’s dominance was key. Sadly for HLE, however, they then lost a trade in the bot side two-for-one, handing the lead back over to FNC.

The first major team fight broke out on the Rift Herald pit, where HLE picked up a huge lead, taking down two members of FNC. HLE didn’t get the Rift Herald but they did move ahead in gold by the 11-minute mark. Shortly after that, it’s another team fight and another major win for HLE. An extended 5v5 in the bot side saw HLE pick up two kills with no kills lost in return. It’s more picks across the map for HLE, picking up two more kills, while Bwipo did manage to get one in return. However, by the 20-minute mark, HLE had moved to 4k ahead. It’s followed up by another mid lane team fight and it’s once again HLE that took the team fight victory. HLE turned that into a Baron as they took control of the game.

Another three kills went to HLE with the third drake on the map, as it looked all over for FNC. FNC once again forced an engagement, and while they managed to get a kill, they lost three in return. With the second Baron spawning on the map, HLE found themselves at 11k ahead as FNC desperately tried to stay in the game. HLE claimed the Baron and only needed one last fight to end the game. It was a humbling game for FNC who will need to bounce back. For HLE, however, it will give them the confidence to move on in this group.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: HLE – FNC
  • Time: 31:36
  • Kills: 25-5
  • Turrets: 9-2
  • Gold: 65,6k – 50k
  • Dragons: 3-1
  • Barons: 2-0

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