LoL: Fnatic vs PSG Talon – Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

LoL: Fnatic vs PSG Talon - Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

After a rough day for both of these teams, this was their last time to shine on the Worlds 2021 stage.

Fnatic vs PSG Talon

This game had no real impact but FNC and PSG still played their hearts out. PSG started it off with a bang, three-man ganking and killing Adam for First Blod. After this, they punished FNC who overextended in their jungle, killing two. Meanwhile, both top laners solo killed each other at the same time, which was funny. From here, it was very fast-paced, with skirmishes, ganks tower takes and objectives falling all over the map. With all of this, it was still a very close game though.

Once in the mid game, it was PSG who snagged the first Baron after they caught out Hylissang and won a team fight with two more kills. In a fit of desperation or insanity, FNC fought the 3v5 there and, to little surprise, lost a member without getting any kills. During the Baron buff duration, PSG won two more team fights, getting seven kills while trading back only four. Even though they kept getting knocked down, FNC kept getting back up and taking it to PSG.

This determination made it a bloody, almost silly game towards the end. PSG was playing with their food and it was obvious, but FNC was happy to brawl it out. PSG as a team slowly chipped away at FNC’s base but took care not to end, even after taking everything besides the Nexus. Between Maple solo killing Adam, then Adam solo killing Maple, and Hanabi killing Hylissang in a 1v3, the “for fun” attitude was great to see for the two teams that were out of contention. Eventually though, PSG did Ace FNC and end this banger of a game.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: FNC-PSG
  • Time: 36:30
  • Kills: 15-33
  • Turrets: 4-11
  • Gold: 63.4k-76.2k
  • Dragons: 1-4
  • Barons: 0-2

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