List of qualified teams » TalkEsport

List of qualified teams » TalkEsport

Riot Games is hosting its very first international tournament called Horizon Cup for League of Legends: Wild Rift in Singapore and seeding slots for all the regions have now been confirmed. A total of ten teams will be competing in a LAN format and Wild Rift fans will witness the pinnacle of competition in a few days. Here is a list of teams that qualified for Horizon Cup.

Wild Rift is the portable version of League of Legends and it quickly took over the mobile MOBA market to become of the best gamers in the market. League has a huge fanbase and its esports is celebrated in similar fashion.

Riot Games is trying to achieve the same success as their PC esports counterpart and set up a sustainable ecosystem for Wild Rift Esports. As a result of this, the developers hosted many regional tournaments throughout the world. The attention of this competition was first given to SEA region as this is the region where the journey of Wild Rift began.

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After hosting smaller events like Icon Series, Wild Rift Esports gained pace worldwide with its open beta available to almost the entire world. Tournaments like LPL, SEA Championship and Champions Korea has seen fierce competition and a total of ten teams will be competing at Wild Rift Horizon Cup.

This tournament will be hosted in Singapore at Suntec Convention Centre. Here is the list of teams which qualified for this event:

  • ThunderTalk Gaming – LPL Seed 1 (China)
  • Da Kun Gaming – Spark Invitational Seed 1 (China)
  • KT Rolster – WCK Seed 1 (South Korea)
  • SBTC Esports – SEA Championship Seed 1 (SEA)
  • Team Secret – SEA Championship Seed 2 (SEA)
  • Team Queso – Origin Series Seed 1 (EMEA)
  • Tribe Gaming – Summoner Series Seed 1 (NA)
  • Sengoku Gaming – Japan Cup Seed 1 (JP)
  • TSM – Wild Tour Seed 1 (Brazil)
  • eBRO Gaming – Lolcito Salvaje Abierto Seed 1 (LATAM)

Wild Rift enthusiasts can watch their favourite team in action from 13th November on the official YouTube channel.


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