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The newly launched animated show by Riot Games in affiliation with Netflix has hit an all time high, surpassing other marquee shows like “Squid Game” and “YOU” on the most watched digital streaming service.

According to data fed by flixpatrol.com, the League Of Legends based Arcane web series stormed into the Top 10 TV shows list and has toppled Squid Game to claim the first position on the same with 711 points. 

Arcane dethroning Squid Game on the list is indeed surprising as the Korean Drama series had almost every person glued to their couch.

Redditor u/profirix too applauded the show and its production unit as “truly ground-breaking” which indeed went beyond his “wildest dreams” Till date, his post on Reddit has attracted over 14 thousand upvotes and 1500 comments. IMDb too pitched in by giving the show a rating of 9.4 out of 10.

Arcane is scheduled to be revealed in three acts across the month of November with the first already released on November 6 while the rest two parts dropping on the dates 13 and 20 respectively comprising the mid-season premier followed by the final three episodes. It is indeed a boon for Netflix subscribers while the others might need to sign up for the digital streaming platform. 

The MOBA based show currently sits on the top of Netflix’s, “Most watched TV Shows list” which is as follows :

1. Arcane
2. Squid Game
3. Narcos : Mexico
4. You
5. Maid
6. Dynasty
7. Big Mouth
8. Locke and Key
9. My Name
10. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha 

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil and Bulgaria are the top five countries where Arcane has been streamed the most.

To further commemorate the launch of Arcane, Riot Games have added some confetti by introducing a special battle-pass and collectors set to Valorant, only to be secured during the event. This event will run from November 5-22 and may also require you to connect your Twitch account with that of Valorant.

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