How to get the Loose Cannon Spray in Valorant » TalkEsport

How to get the Loose Cannon Spray in Valorant » TalkEsport

The developers at Riot have decided to commemorate their forthcoming series, Arcane on Netflix based on their MOBA game League of Legends by introducing a special event, RiotX Arcane and in addition, have added a special battle-pass and collectors set to be scored during the event.

This event will run from November 5-22 and may also require you to connect your Twitch account with that of Valorant.

A free for all battle pass was recently deployed by Riot into their first-person tactical shooter, Valorant as a part of the brand new Netflix series, Arcane.

The content which will be made available during this event will be based on the series and the game League of Legends.

It’s been learnt that the special collectors set would have a purple and golden-themed sheriff and would be the only item in the set and does resemble the theme of Jinx, the main protagonist of the Riot’s Netflix series.

As we all know Arcane is to be revealed in three acts across the month of November with the first already released on November 6 while the rest two parts dropping on the dates 14 and 20 respectively.

During the first act, the Arcane Poro Charm was made available to the players by signing up on RiotX Arcane’s official website. With Act 2 on the horizon, yet another reward is being made available on the same in the form of an in-game spray. “Loose Cannon”.

How to get loose cannon spray in Valorant:

  • 1: Visit RiotX Arcane’s official website
  • 2: Clock on the “Sign up” button located on the top right of the page
  • 3: You would need to use your Valorant account details to further login.
  • 4: Upon logging in, hit the “Explore Now” button.
  • 5: Once the above is done, you may now choose to “Talk to KillJoy” and complete the set of missions to further unlock the Loose Cannon Spray.