DK vs. EDG – Worlds 2021 Finals

DK vs. EDG - Worlds 2021 Finals

LPL’s Summer Champions EDG and current World Champions DK will be fighting in the Worlds 2021 Finals this weekend, live from Iceland. After two exciting semifinals, the hype is going through the roof!  Only one series is left: who will come out victorious?

With DAMWON looking to repeat themselves and earn their first back-to-back trophy since the SKT T1 days, EDG will try their best to bring the Worlds title back to the LPL. We’ll take a look at what went down so far and what are the predictions coming into this final.

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DK and EDG – Stratospheric Summer

EDward Gaming

It probably is destiny to see these two teams in the finals. Following their success in their domestic regions during summer, both DK and EDG came to Worlds as the first seeds. While most people thought that EDG still wasn’t the best team in China, that belief quickly fell. As soon as FPX was surprisingly eliminated in Groups, EDG became China’s best shot at the title.

Their whole Worlds 2021 run, however, was met with ups and downs. First, they finished second in their group, losing the head-to-head with Faker’s T1. While it wasn’t that much of a big deal since they advanced anyway, their second seed could’ve proved fatal. Luckily, they avoided the worst enemy possible, DK.

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Instead, EDG ended up going against their domestic opponents RNG, quickly beating them 3-1. If fans still had doubts for this team, then during the Knockout stage they were all gone. In semis, they turned the tides in their favor against Gen.G, taking advantage of their one-dimensional playstyle. Taking away Bdd’s comfort picks, while also forcing Gen.G in unfavorable positions was key to victory… and that was thanks to EDG’s mid-jungle.

Scout and Jiejie have been such consistent presences in EDG’s wins, as they are responsible for transferring their pressure across the map. If EDG wants a shot at the title, then they must find an opening in the mid-lane. Facing Canyon and Showmaker, though, might be a completely different story.


Speaking of DK, they are coming into the series as the favorites. Undefeated in groups and only lost two series against T1 so far in the whole tournament is an impressive feat. It’s very rare to see such a dominant force at Worlds and being consistent in all their gameplay. What was even more impressive, however, was how they also flipped the semifinals in their favor. After being down 1-2, DK went back to their comfort playstyle: an extremely aggressive mid-jung duo that can transfer the lead to the top lane.

From a certain point of view, both teams try to do the same thing, but differently. While DK wants to snowball their top laner, EDG tries to spread their advantage towards bot lane, to their ADC Viper. As a result, the series’ flow will be decided from who is able to generate a bigger lead from their game plan. Based on what we’ve seen so far of their recent performances, Flandre doesn’t always respect the enemies and might overstep when it’s not necessary. On the other hand, DK’s bot lane really stepped up this Worlds. Following all the backlash at MSI and the first part of summer, Ghost and BeryL have been very strong at absorbing pressure.

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Nonetheless, the drafts will play such an important role in this series. After many weeks of play, both teams have become accustomed to the patch. Not only they have found the strongest champions, but more importantly, they found the ones most suited to their playstyle. The coaching staff will play a crucial role in pinpointing the two teams’ weaknesses, adjusting accordingly. Expect champions like Lee Sin, Leblanc, Graves and Jayce to be high in priority.

Worlds 2021 Finals Predictions

Like we previously mentioned, DK is the favorite to win the Worlds 2021 Finals. If they can keep up with the same performances they had this whole tournament, we will be looking at a two-time World Champion. The question, however, is if DK will be dominant against EDG. The answer for me is no.

I think that EDG has arguably one of the best ADC in the whole world in Viper: if the team is able to give him the right tools, he can easily carry games. Unfortunately, this is not an ADC-centric meta and marksmen are not really the protagonists in a team composition. By analyzing the meta, the top side of the map is a lot more important, and DK is definitely the stronger out of the two. My prediction is a 3-2 for DK.

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Match Market Selection Odds
Match Winner DK 1.26x
Map 1 Winner DK 1.42x
First Dragon EDG 2.05x
First Herald DK 1.79x
First Blood EDG 2.25x
First Tower DK 1.65x
Map Duration Over 33.5 1.83x
Total kills Over 24.5 1.9x
Total Dragons slain Over 4.5 1.62x
DWG Kia Total Kills Over 15.5 1.94x
Total Towers Over 13.5 2.54x

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