Burger King features Riot Games’ Arcane themed menu » TalkEsport

Burger King features Riot Games' Arcane themed menu » TalkEsport

Riot Games recently launched their first-ever animated series called Arcane. This show is based on two sisters Jinx and Vi, which are champions from the League of Legends universe. Riot is currently promoting this show and have adapted a quirky method to do so. They have apparently collaborated with Burger King to feature an Arcane themed menu in Spain and Portugal.

League of Legends is one of the biggest games and esports title in the world. Its developers, Riot Games, entered into multiple different industries in the last couple of years and are coming up with tons of new things. Arcane was one of such projects announced on the occasion of Riot’s 10th anniversary.

Burger King is a huge fast-food chain and Riot Games have adopted a clever marketing strategy by giving a touch of League of Legends to the usual menu. This special menu is only limited to two countries for now but might expand to other regions as well.

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This collaboration brings in some other rewards alongside the special menu. League of Legends players who order this menu will get in-game rewards as well. These range from chests, keys to skins for Irelia and Yasuo.

Arcane is currently being promoted around the world in all possible ways, ranging from themed shows at Burj Khalifa to in-game events across all Riot Games titles. Burger King collaboration is yet another clever idea added to the marketing portfolio of Arcane.

This collaboration might be scaled to a much bigger level if it works out for the smaller regions. Readers from Portugal and Spain can enjoy these Arcane-themed meals at Burger King joints in their country.

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