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To hire a character in Fortnite, players need to find NPCs that offer the hire option. Not all NPCs are hireable; only selected ones come with this feature. Once you encounter a hireable NPC, interact with them and choose the “Hire” option.

This action requires spending Fortnite gold bars, a currency you can accumulate by completing various in-game tasks and challenges. The cost for hiring an NPC usually ranges up to 200 gold bars, depending on the season and the specific NPC’s capabilities​​.

Where to Hire a Character in Fortnite?

Hired NPCs contribute to your gameplay in several ways. They can follow you around the map, engage in combat, and provide support like healing, ammo resupply, or even acting as a decoy. Moreover, some NPCs offer unique services like prop disguise, rift teleportation, storm circle hints, and weapon purchases, all of which can be crucial in securing victory​​.

In Chapter 5 Season 1, for instance, players could hire NPCs with specialized roles, including:

  • Sun Tan Specialist – On the coast of the island between Snooty Steppes and Pleasant Piazza
  • Metal Mouth – At The Cemetery, North of Reckless Railways
  • Mecha Team Shadow – At Riviera Station, Northwest of Ruined Reels
  • Steelsight – At Rebel’s Roost
  • Contract Giller – On the dock North of Classy Courts
  • Snow Striker – At the Summit Base Camp, South of Grand Glacier
  • Solid Snake – North of Lavish Lair
  • Dara – At Lil’Villa, east of Fencing Fields

These specialists add a layer of strategic depth to the game, allowing players to choose NPCs that best complement their playstyle.

While having an NPC ally offers numerous benefits, players should also be aware of the risks. NPCs can be eliminated in combat, and once they’re gone, they cannot be revived or rebooted.

This loss can be a significant setback, especially if you’ve come to rely on their services during a match. Therefore, it’s crucial to use NPCs strategically, protecting them in skirmishes and leveraging their abilities wisely​​.