EXCEL ESPORTS launches Fortnite tournament to support physically disabled UK gamers » TalkEsport

EXCEL ESPORTS launches Fortnite tournament to support physically disabled UK gamers » TalkEsport

British competitive gaming culture brand EXCEL ESPORTS in partnership with HyperX and Beyond NRG is excited to announce it has launched a new Fortnite tournament, the XL Community Cup.

The one-day tournament will be held on Sunday 28th November and feature some of the best in professional, amateur, and influencer Fortnite talent, who are set to compete for the glory of being its first-ever champion.  

The XL Community Cup invites players to team up in Duo mode to compete in open qualifiers which will take place on the 24th of November with sign-ups open now.

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Those who qualify for the event will battle it out online against an electric line-up of talent and influencers on the 28th of November to be crowned the winners. In collaboration with GINX TV, EXCEL will be streaming the event with a live broadcast as well as multi-language streams hosted by personalities participating in the event.

EXCEL’s pro-players Wolfiez and Verox will be partnered up with some famous faces from the world of sports and entertainment. Among the high profiled guests taking part are UK TikToker Ollie Ball, Streamer and Influencer TurntDaisy, Professional Rugby Union player Luke Cowan-Dickie, as well as Fortnite pro-Archie King, Fortnite Streamer and French Co Streamer, JoLavanille plus fellow French Pro Andilex, plus HyperX Ambassador and German Co Streamer Rewinside and fellow German Pro Fray. 

The tournament will be hosted by esports personality Adam Savage live from the Ginx TV London studios and will include a mixture of live analysis and casting from Leven2k and Reiss.

With an overarching goal to help further support UK gamers and the ever-growing Fortnite community, the XL Community Cup will also be raising money for charity SpecialEffect. SpecialEffect specializes in helping physically-challenged people to enjoy the magic of video games. The charity also collaborates with game studios to make their games more accessible.

EXCEL ESPORTS Pro-Fortnite player Wolfiez comments: “I’m happy to be playing in the XL Community Cup. SpecialEffect are doing good work, so I’m pleased to support them through this tournament”

CEO of EXCEL ESPORTS, Wouter Sleijffers comments: “At EXCEL ESPORTS we aspire to build better communities and include every gaming enthusiast in our journey. We are proud to announce the launch of the XL Community Cup. Working closely with HyperX and Beyond NRG, we all share similar beliefs and values in supporting UK gamers and the Fortnite community and I look forward to seeing similar tournaments being created to help support this ongoing effort.” 

HyperX’s Head of Global Gaming Partnerships, Jessany Van’t Hoff comments:

“HyperX continues to elevate UK gamers in achieving their ambitions with the support of our top-quality gaming gear. The XL Community Cup not only enables the Fortnite community to highlight growing talent but encourages the next generation of esports pros. It is also a core value at HyperX to champion the good in gaming and by supporting a great charity such as Special Effect, who support our ethos that We’re All Gamers, regardless of abilities.”

Beyond NRG’s CEO Billy Webb comments: “Community is the heart and soul of what we do at Beyond. The XL Community Cup is a fantastic opportunity for the wider audience to get involved with the incredible family at XL, and the competitive gaming world whilst supporting the outstanding efforts from SpecialEffect.”

Fans can catch all the action over on EXCEL Twitch TV starting at 2PM GMT on Sunday 28th November. JoLavanille will be streaming in French and Rewinside will be bringing all the action in German. Links to their channels can be found over at JoLavanille Twitch TV and Rewinside Twitch TV. 

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