343 Industries is looking for a new designer to curate Forge content for Halo Infinite

343 Industries is looking for a new designer to curate Forge content for Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite developer, 343 Industries, is looking for a new multiplayer playlist designer with an emphasis on Forge content.

The recruitment advertisement, which went live earlier this week, makes a clear connection between the success of the sci-fi shooter’s multiplayer game and the ability to “work directly” with the Halo community and players who make their own maps and assets in its map-making mode, Forge.

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“In this role you’ll design, implement, and manage playlists that align with the needs of Halo Infinite. You’ll work with partner teams to ensure content (maps and modes) is properly represented in our playlists and aligns with scheduled game events,” the ad explains.

“You’ll also help to find, vet, and add community-made Forge content to playlists, working directly with Forgers to help ensure their experiences meet expectations. As Multiplayer Playlist Designer you’ll hone your collaborative skills, utilise our internal playlist tools, and play a hands-on role that directly affects the player experience in Halo Infinite.”

The advert has many Halo fans excited, not least because the requirement to “identify, validate, and prepare community Forge content for inclusion in official playlists” gives a strong indication of where 343i’s multiplayer priorities are.

It also signals that the team is serious about continuing to work with the community to bolster its user-generated content and see fan-made maps – like Zanzibar and The Pit, to name just two recent examples – return to rotation.

Earlier this year, Andrew Witts, former lead multiplayer designer on Halo Infinite, rejoined former Halo developer Bungie to work on new project Marathon.

Witts has a strong track record in multiplayer design, having previously also served a year at Epic Games on Fortnite, and over two years at Ubisoft on Rainbow Six Siege.

During his time at Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries, Witts led the multiplayer design of all the game’s modes and systems, shepherding the studio’s push to take Master Chief and co into a free-to-play future.