Valve Issues Steam BAN On NFT and Crypto Games

Valve Issues Steam BAN On NFT and Crypto Games

In a recent update to its ‘onboarding’ documentation, Valve has revealed that any applications built on blockchain technology are not allowed to be published on Steam, its global gaming platform. This would include games or applications featuring the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs (non-fungible tokens). It’s a huge blocker for the advancement of blockchain, which day-by-day, becomes more intertwined with the gaming industry as a whole.

According to Valve, the ruling came as a decision to prohibit game items with real-world value from being traded or earned on its platforms. Reportedly, Valve has identified the potentially malicious reputation surrounding NFT and cryptocurrency-focused games and has decided to just issue a blanket ban across Steam. Right now, this impacts several small developers, as Steam is, statistically, the world’s number one gaming storefront and marketplace.

What does this revelation mean for the wider gaming community? In a world where the likes of cryptocurrency and gaming are getting closer together each day, how does this news impact the industry?

Blocking the Blockchain

Responding to Valve’s change in the Steam Terms of Service, Age of Rust, a first-person adventure title that features NFTs, issued a comprehensive statement:

We chose to be upfront about blockchain gaming & NFTs. As a result, we finally lost the battle with Steam. While I’m disappointed for Age of Rust being removed, the point is more to the fact that blockchain games as a whole are going to removed. This is a setback for all.

Following the news, there was a batch of backlash orginating from the portion of the gaming community that supports NFT gaming. In one statement, a gamer condemned the move, stating that he’d not touched Steam since the news had aired: