The Turkish Twitch Money Laundering Scandal

The Turkish Twitch Money Laundering Scandal

Dozens of Turkish esports players and top Twitch streamers using the service are believed to be involved in a money laundering scandal that threatens to decimate the Turkish esports scene.

The scam is believed to have involved 300 people using stolen credits cards to donate to Twitch streamers in the form of Twitch ‘bits’. Once the streamers have received this money, they then give back a percentage of the donation to the fraudster, keeping the rest for themselves.

Additionally, scammers have been using Bots to ‘watch’ advertisements from the streamers to increase their bits payments and to donate them.

The news is another blow for Twitch just after news of a hack of streamers data on the service.

Image Credits | Twitch

Riot Games Turkey Expected To Take Action

The news broke at the weekend when Jake Lucky tweeted about how:

“After Twitch’s massive payout leak, people noticed several smaller streamers making absurd amounts of money from bits.”

He then explained how the money laundering system was being used on Twitch using Bits and the details of stolen credit cards.

In response, Riot Games Turkey has yet to make an announcement about any bans, although that is surely only a matter of time.

Instead, Riot Games country manager for Turkey, Erdinc Iyikul commented on Twitter:

“We are aware of the ongoing situation and following closely. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, we can only decide on any actions to take based on the necessary investigations from relevant authorities. We haven’t taken any action yet or shared any information around our plans.”

Professional Players Admit To Participation

It wasn’t long after the story broke that a number of high-profile professional players and streamers admitting that they were involved, although some maintained their innocence and others stated that they were coerced into taking part.

Players such as LEGOO, deNC and Logicman are amongst those that have admitted that they have been involved in the scandal to some extent.