Sting’s Wii Party RPG ‘Dokapon Kingdom’ Is Coming To Switch

Sting, the developer behind the Dept. Heaven games such as Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union, and Knights in the Nightmare, is bringing back Dokapon Kingdom for the Switch. This news came from an early Famitsu scoop yesterday from @gamenohanshi (via @gosokkyu), with Famitsu confirming the news later.

Released on the PS2 in 2007 before coming to the Wii in 2008, this board game RPG will be launching on Switch in Japan as Dokapon Kingdom: Connect on 13th April 2023. Sadly, a Western release date has yet to be announced — but we’re hoping! (Even though we’ve also been praying for that Knights in the Nightmare rerelease to make its way here…)

Boasting cute, colourful visuals and boards where you battle monsters to earn the most money, Dokapon Kingdom was a good ol’ romp back in the day, and with four-player online multiplayer coming to this version, you can bet we’ll be scrambling to best our friends online and destroy friendships.

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