Polygon Agrees Blockchain Collaboration With DraftKings Marketplace


DraftKings Marketplace, the Boston-based companies new Non-Fungible Token-based ecosystem, has agreed a partnership with the Ethereum-based scaling service Polygon in what is being seen as the company preparing for significant development of its Marketplace product.

Currently, DraftKings own Marketplace allows for customers to purchase a number of non-fungible tokens based on sporting superstars that have included the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Simone Biles and Rob Gronkowski.

Image Credits | Polygon

It was the latest addition and expansion to the DraftKings network which already features fantasy sports, casino betting, sports betting and esports betting.

Purchases are made using standard US Dollars, rather than cryptocurrency and although the marketplace has enjoyed a strong start, with the NFT’s available selling out rapidly once released, this latest partnership is seen as DraftKings making a real attempt to improve and increase the size and scale of its Marketplace operations.

Contribute To The Polygon Network

By agreeing to the collaboration, not only will there be a clear opportunity to develop and diversify its Marketplace offering, but DraftKings will be able to contribute to the growing Polygon network.

Polygon has become a go-to option for companies with NFT marketplaces that need a clear infrastructure in place to capitalise on its offering and the opportunities it presents.

A key part of that is the layer-2 technology at the heart of Polygon’s network, which makes handling a large number of transactions at one time viable.