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With the CS2 Asia Championships right around the corner, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the top outright bets offered by Loot.Bet.

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Tournament Overview

  • The CS2 Asia Championships 2023 will take place from Nov. 8 – Nov. 12 in Shanghai, China.
  • Eight teams are set to compete in the event, with three of them being local, majority-Chinese squads.
  • The teams in question are: ENCE, MOUZ, FaZe, Astralis, TYLOO, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Lynn Vision and Wings Up.
  • Said teams are divided into two groups, followed by a single elimination playoff bracket, culminating in a BO3 Grand Final on Sunday, Nov. 12.

Best Outright Bets from Loot.Bet

cs2 asian championships best outright bets from Loot.Bet
Image: Perfect World

FaZe to Win (2.45)

  • FaZe are currently on an 11-match win streak, having taken the trophy in both CS2 tournaments they attended, in IEM Sydney and the Thunderpick World Championship.
  • All the FaZe players seem rejuvenated in the new game, reaching highs similar to those from 2022, when they won both IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne, as well as the PGL Antwerp Major.
  • With that in mind, and the fact that they are undefeated in BO3’s in CS2 so far, tipping FaZe to win the whole tournament might not be as risky of a prediction as it may seem at first glance. Overall, if you want to bet on who’s going to take the trophy home, FaZe is both the safest and the smartest option to go with.

MOUZ will reach the Final (1.70)

  • Amidst the current transfer frenzy involving all of FaZe, ENCE, Astralis, and NIP, MOUZ are one of the few top teams in the scene right now with a stable roster.
  • The security they have in their lineup, combined with solid performances as of late, could give the international squad an edge over their opponents in Shanghai.
  • What’s also helping MOUZ’s case to reach the CS2 Asia Championships Grand Final is the fact that they are in the same group as FaZe, which makes them less likely to meet during the early stages of the playoff bracket.

TYLOO will reach the Final (50.00)

cs2 asian championships outights, tyloo to reach the final odds
Image: TYLOO via X (@TylooGaming)

If you are a real daredevil and fancy a CS2 Asia Championships betting “Hail Mary”, TYLOO reaching the final might be your best bet. Despite the high probability of the Chinese squad not advancing that far into the competition, some important factors are in their favour:

  • In their opening matchup, they face an ENCE team that will likely playing their last tournament with Snappi, who’s set to move to Falcons, and are playing with a stand-in, as VLDN replaced the absent dycha
  • the rest of their group isn’t very strong, with a local opponent in Lynn Vision, and an out-of-form Astralis
  • if they can advance to the playoffs in the first place, they probably won’t meet FaZe in their semi-final game

However, do keep in mind that this suggestion is more of a punt and is very unlikely to happen in the grand scheme of things.


Top pre-match & live esports odds

Caters to Diverse Payment Choices

Use Bonus Code: LOOT

Odds provided by CS2 gambling site Loot.Bet on Nov. 6. Odds are subject to change.


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