“We really enjoyed playing with RAMZES666, but he decided he didn’t want to be an offlane anymore.” » TalkEsport


In a recent interview about EG’s performance in The international 10, Artour “Arteezy” Babayev from EG commented that,

“ It was not our best day when we faced Virtus.pro. We approached this game with a specific plan that ultimately didn’t work out at all. We were very surprised by how VP played. In my opinion, against us, Nightfall played their best game of the tournament. VP played very well and we played very badly. Sometimes it happens in Dota.”

Further queries based on their performance against the other teams in the group stage , Fly commented that,

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“At the end of 2020, RAMZES666 realized that he wanted to play carry again. By that time, COVID-19 made adjustments to the season, we could not get together and play together, TI was postponed … It was not clear what the future holds for us. We really enjoyed playing with RAMZES666, but he decided he didn’t want to be an offlane anymore.

Fortunately, we had time to deal with this situation. It soon became clear that everyone on the team considered iceiceice a strong player, so he became one of our priority candidates. We contacted him, discussed the situation, and it became clear that such a replacement would be ideal. In my opinion, that’s how it turned out. “

When the ex-captain of EG.crit was asked about his opinions on the national arena and the lack of audience he commented :

“I never thought that the audience created any additional pressure. It can be more difficult to play on stage, but this is due to completely different factors. When you go on stage and hear the roar of the crowd, it just charges you with additional emotions – I don’t think that at this moment you can look with a negative attitude. Therefore, in the absence of spectators at TI10, I do not see any advantages – it’s just sad, that’s all. “

The International 10  takes place from October 7 to 17 in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. The venue for the final stage of the tournament will be the stadium “Arena Naţională”. The total prize fund of the event will be $ 40,018,195; the winner  will receive  over $ 18 million. A complete list of talents is available  here .

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