TI10 Main Event Predictions

TI10 Main Event Predictions

The International, most known as the World Cup of Dota 2, is the biggest event in Esports history. TI10 is also the tournament with the largest prize pool with more than 40 million dollars. There are many chances to qualify for this event, and it is called Dota Pro Circuit or DPC.

Before Covid-19, the DPC included two tournaments called Major and Minors, where teams around the world could qualify through an Open Qualifier. Like CS:GO, each Major and Minor distributed Dota Pro Circuit Points, and the best 12 teams got a direct invitation to the tournament. After Covid-19, the DPC changed completely.

Now, we have Regional Leagues that are how teams can get a chance to qualify for The International. The DPC has six regions: North America, South America, Europe, CIS, China, and SEA. Each region has its own Regional League and has two divisions: Upper Division and Lower Division. Each RL distributes DPC points and a prize pool, and the best two teams qualify to a Major that distributes DPC points. Once the RL and the Majors end, we have the best 12 teams that qualify directly, and each region has an Open Qualifier that completes the remaining six teams.

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Our T10 main event predictions, considering the performance of all the teams, is that the Chinese region is the strongest of the event. Probably the championship will be between PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming, who were the champions of the last Majors of the DPC.

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Top 3 Teams Entering the Main Event

As we mentioned, China has the best Dota 2 teams in the tournament. PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming were on the top of their groups. Our T10 main event prediction is that they will probably face in the upper bracket final.

Invictus Gaming was in group A, and they only got two losses against OG and Team Undying. What makes Invictus Gaming is that they have some comfort picks. Lion is the hero that “Kaka” plays most and the disable that the hero brings is annoying. Also, Invictus Gaming loves to pick “Spirits” to “Emo,” who is the Midlaner of the team. Invictus Gaming is not only the picks, they as a team, have an organized and well-distributed team play that can snowball each game.

PSG.LGD is the team on which all the fans put their bets. They just lost one game on the group stage and had the best performance in the tournament. Here we can talk about their picks; all the players are versatile. What makes PSG.LGD tough is that every single player can play at a high level. All of them are the best in their position, and their “Hard Carry” is a beast of the farm. The Hard Carry of the team, “Ame”, showed everyone that he deserves the Aegis in each game.

The third team that we consider in the top 3 is OG. The last two-time champions of The International were always on the top of the tournament because they changed their performance completely in every TI. The current roster is not the same, but they complete the team with “SumaiL,” considered one of the most talented players in the world. They most likely have a chance in the Lower Bracket, but they can surprise everyone in the tournament.

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Top 3 Teams in the Lower Bracket

Unfortunately, in this edition, we do not have the participation of Team Liquid, the “kings” of the Lower Bracket. But in this opportunity, we can make the top 3 teams that have a chance in the Lower Bracket. We need to consider that some teams probably came down from the upper bracket.

Evil Geniuses and Team Secret will probably be the strongest team in the Lower Bracket. They can advance in the Upper Bracket until they play against some Chinese team. In these kinds of esports tournaments, the mindset will prevail to continue in The International. The third team will be the one that loses the upper bracket final, which will probably be Invictus Gaming or OG.

Commonly, lower brackets have so much pressure; they tend to fail and not perform well in the tournament. We consider that Team Secret has experience in the lower bracket and can surprise at the end. Team Secret was the best team in 2020, but this year their performance has not met expectations.

Evil Geniuses has been the team that cannot get the championship. They got two-second places but, this time, they probably got the 4th place.

Who Will Be the Surprise Team of Tournament

There are many teams that fans consider to get the Aegis. However, in this edition, some new teams can surprise.

Team Spirit and T1 are the two teams that appear in the competitive scene during the Covid-19 starts. Before Covid-19, these players were not professional, and no one knew them.

Dota 2 The International 10
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T1 has in their current roster a Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon, which is the Hard Carry of the team. He was the first player in the world to reach 12k of MMR. He is considered the most valuable Hard Carry in the scene and, as we know, this position is the most important in the final results.

Team Spirit is the other team that can surprise and the TI10 odds put them, at least, top 8th of the tournament. TORONTOTOKYO and Yatoro are the most skilled players in the CIS region and they are playing their first The International.

Who Will be the Best Player in The Tournament

Choosing one player out of a big pool of them is one of the most complicated things to do. Each player has a specific function in their teams, and each one is important in their victories. But, to be honest, the most valuable position in Dota 2 is the Hard Carry.

Considering that, we need to choose who will be the best carry in the tournament. Wang “Ame” Chunyu is the HC of PSG.LGD, and we put our odds that he will be the best player in The International 10.

He has shown excellent performance in the tournament and can lead PSG.LGD to the championship.