The Best Blink Dagger Heroes Right Now

The sadistic butcher, Pudge, charges into battle his meat cleavers dripping with blood

A list of the heroes who work best with Blink Dagger.

There are many iconic items in Dota 2, and Blink Dagger is definitely one of them. This is one of the most popular items in the game that people use all the time. Although it can work for almost every hero (depending on the situation), there are cases where having a Blink Dagger is a must.

Since the item is trendy in pub games, we’ve decided to share a list of heroes that usually purchased this item in 2021. Keep in mind that the heroes you will find below are subject to change in the future, depending on the patch.


The first hero on this is probably the most popular in Dota 2, which explains why you can find him in almost every game. Pudge is amazing to play because he is one of the few heroes in the game that has a skill shot. He is usually played as roaming support, but you can find people who pick Pudge and go mid. This was extremely popular in DotA, but the hero is not that good in the mid lane in Dota 2.

Even though there are loads of different items you can get for this hero, Blink Dagger is definitely one of them. Those with more experience probably remember that Pudge was one of the heroes who could not carry this item many years ago. However, Ice Frog eventually decided to allow players to purchase a Blink Dagger, and it automatically became one of the most popular items for Pudge.


The hero, Lion, an anthropmorphised cat man, weilds his flaming mace, a winged cape around his shoulders in the Legacy of Infernal Wings splash art

The second that is a notorious Blink Dagger buyer is Lion. The mighty support became one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2 for 2021 because even the professional teams took advantage of its offers. Speaking of the devil, Lion offers a Stun and Hex, making him one of the best disablers in the game.

Despite his amazing skills, landing them is easier said than done because the hero is slow. Furthermore, he needs to be in close range, which means he risks being instantly killed by the enemy core heroes. That’s why almost everyone who picks Lion decides to purchase a Blink Dagger. This item gives the hero the mobility he needs in order to be successful.

Legion Commander

LC is a popular hero in PUBs and pro games, at least for some teams. She is a popular offlaner that can be played in a variety of positions, including the mid lane. Besides the fact that the hero is known for doing a lot of damage against multiple units, it is also famous for its deadly ultimate. Duel plays a crucial role in every teamfight and can easily decide the outcome of it. However, the only way for LC to use the ability is to be in the range of the enemy hero. To do that, she needs a Blink Dagger.

Despite the fact that some people prefer to get a Shadow Blade, this item is not as effective as Blink Dager. While it is true that it provides some extra damage, attack speed, and the ability to become invisible, the latter easily be countered.  That’s why most people prefer to purchase a Blink Dagger.


Magnus, the Magnoceros, a bi-pedal rhinocerus like hero from the game Dota 2

Magnus is one of the many initiators in Dota 2 that needs a Blink Dagger in order to utilize his full potential. This is a hero often picked among pros because of his amazing skills. Empower gives the other core heroes the chance to farm a lot faster. On the other hand RP is one of the best stuns in the game. Besides its range, it groups the enemy units together, allowing the heroes to cleave them down in a matter of seconds. However, the only way to land a good RP is to be close to the enemy heroes. That’s why you need a Blink Dagger.

Similar to LC, some Magnus players prefer to get a Shadow Blade, but this doesn’t work in pro games.


The Dota 2 Hero Rubick casts a spell, his staff crackling with green electricity

Rubick may not be the “hottest” support hero in 2021, but he’s definitely among the most successful heroes that purchase Blink Dagger. Since this is the support who can single-handedly turn around a teamfight, he needs to be able to cast the big spells that he steals. Usually, the only way to do that is by having a Blink Dagger.

Besides Spell Steal, Rubick needs to be mobile to disable the enemy units. Don’t forget that he has the power to gank almost any hero on the map, as long as he has the needed range. Usually, the only way to do that is by purchasing a Blink.


It is pretty much impossible to write an article about Blink Dagger and not mention Axe. This is probably the hero who relies on this item the most to be effective. Picking Axe and not getting a Blink Dagger makes the hero a lot less dangerous; and even useless in some scenarios. That’s one of the reasons why Axe even has a cosmetic item that looks just like a Blink Dagger.

Although this is one of the heroes that will always be popular in pubs, Axe is not that common in pro games. However, once 2022 arrives and we get a new update, the hero might become a viable pick yet again.

Shadow Fiend

Dota 2 hero Shadow Fiend, a dark colossus figure, appears in black and red, shrouded in darkness.

Shadow Fiend is one of the mid laners who’s notorious for being among the most loved heroes in the game. Even though he isn’t always among the best, his damage output is second to none, especially during the mid game. What’s even more interesting is that SF is one of the few Dota 2 heroes capable of inflicting loads of physical and magical damage.

Speaking of physical damage, this is usually the go-to option for most SF players. However, people who purchase a Blink Dagger for this hero opt for the second build that focuses on magical damage. Thanks to Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and a few other pro Dota 2 players, many SF players started buying a Blink Dagger and Euls to land their ultimates. Even though this might not seem that good on paper, it allows SF to solo kill most heroes.