S4 Leaving Alliance


After The International 10 ended, the Dota 2 competitive scene entered a phase of roster changes. The results of the world’s top teams are not always as expected, and, typically, there are adjustments in their lists. This article will talk about a Swedish legend and former champion of The International 3, s4, who is leaving Alliance.

S4 Leaves the Team

In Dota 2 history, Alliance demonstrated that it is one of the best Dota 2 teams. They won The International 3, and in the current year, they smashed in the European Regional League.

Alliance achieved a slot in The International 10 after they earned 800 Dota Pro Circuit Points. They played the One Esports Singapore Major and the WePlay Animajor, but the results were disappointing.

The Alliance roster represents experience and aggressiveness, which makes it one of the best teams in Europe competing against Team Secret, OG, Team Liquid, among others. Unfortunately, the results don’t show what a great team they are.

Alliance had one group stage win, two draws, and five losses. They qualified solely because the Thunder Predator failed to score a win. Then in the lower bracket they managed to beat Beastcoast and then fell short against T1. They obtained 12th place in the competition with these results, and the roster changes were already imminent.

It is very likely that after being the captain of the Alliance for so long, S4 will decide to step aside for future generations. Already 29 years old, S4 is leaving Alliance and practically retiring from competitive Dota 2.

S4 and Alliance History

S4 joined Alliance with his former teammate No Tidehunter in 2013, right after Captain Loda received an offer from a sponsor. When we talk about S4 and Alliance, we talk about the team that surprised us in The International 3. The team crushed all their rivals, losing only three games in the entire championship.

S4 is remembered for his play in the grand final, in which they managed to beat NaVi by a score of 3-2. S4 framed a play along with his Puck in which they would call “Million-Dollar Dream Coil”.