PGL Stockholm Major Breaks CS: GO Viewership Record in just the Quarterfinals

PGL Stockholm Major Breaks CS: GO Viewership Record in just the Quarterfinals

The PGL Stockholm Major has set a new record for peak viewership in the quarterfinal match between NAVI and Vitality. The elimination match saw more than 1.37 million viewers tune in to watch the epic battle between two of the best CS:GO players of all time. 

The NAVI vs Vitality match had 1,371,762 viewers on Day 2 of the Champions stage. Screengrab via EScharts.

The PGL Stockholm Major has only finished its quarterfinal matches. And unsurprisingly, all four Champions stage matches (so far) are the most-watched matches of the tournament. The NiP vs NAVI match, a Legends stage battle between the top-two ranked teams in the world comes in at 5th place.

The PGL Stockholm Major is the first CS: GO Major after nearly two years and thereby its high viewership is not really a big surprise. The tournament has a $2 million prize pool and is currently underway at the Avicii Arena. 

The previous title for the peak viewers was held by the Eleague Major 2017 (1,331,781) and the Eleague Major 2018 (1,329,096) both produced by Turner Media. The PGL Major has not only surpassed those milestones, but is well on its way to set a new record with three of the most important matches yet to go go live.

The Final Four Teams at the Major

With the quarterfinals out of the way, we now have our four semifinalists. NAVI, G2 esports, Gambit and Virtus.Pro are all one step away from reaching the Grand Finals of the CS:GO Major. 

NAVI comes into this tournament as the heavy favorites but will still face challenges from their local opponents in Gambit. Known for their online play, Gambit are here to show they can perform on LAN as well and maybe, even better.

Meanwhile in the lower half of the bracket, G2 esports and Virtus.Pro will face each other. Virtus.Pro looks menacing as they defeated Heroic in the quarterfinals. The match between G2 esports and NiP was not so cut and clear, but Niko pulled out all stops to put up an amazing performance and guide G2 esports to victory.

Is the PGL Stockholm Major the Most-Watched Major of all Time?

The PGL Stockholm Major is well on its way to becoming the Major with the highest ‘Hours Watched’. Screengrab via ESCharts.

Not yet. But the Stockholm Major is well on its way to become the most-watched Major of all time. After the quarterfinal matches, the Stockholm Major has 56,514,013 hours watched. It trails behind only the FaceIT London Major which has 61,030,688 peak viewers. 

With three matches (each best-of-three) yet to go, the PGL Stockholm Major could be on its way to become the most popular CS:GO Major of all time. 

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