Patch 7.30e Nerfs Tiny & Magnus

Patch 7.30e Nerfs Tiny & Magnus

The first patch after TI10 balances a few items and heroes in the game.

The International 10 was an action packed and dramatic event. However, the competition saw overused heroes and items which were significantly overpowered. Valve has dropped the 7.30e patch to address the discrepancies and make the game even more polished for the users. Let’s look at the highlights of the patch.

Item Changes

Major item changes include Battle Fury, which has received a buff of five bonus damage and nerf to Quell bonus damage by three. Silver Edge has seen a significant nerf with its attack damage reduced from 60 to 52 and attack speed reduced by five.

Hero Changes

There were several heroes which got top priority in The International 10.


The Dota 2 Hero Bane, an elemental of terror with an eyeless face and razor sharp teeth inside a gaping maw


Occasionally picked Bane, had an astounding win rate of over 70%, got the nerf hammer. Bane offers amazing disables and sets his team mates for combination attacks and spells. The Nightmare ability, which was the key to his success, has got an increase in its cooldown at every level.


Lina was the second most picked hero in the tournament with 127 matches and a win rate of 50.3%. She has got a cooldown increase in Dragon Slave and a nerf to her movement speed per stack of Fiery Soul. Lina’s level 10 talent got a buff with  -2.5 Dragon Slave cooldown to -3.5 seconds. However, the alternative option of damage talent got a nerf, decreasing it from +30 Damage to +25.


Magnus has seen a change to Horn Toss with its stun eliminated and slow to attack and movement speed added to it. His Skewer range along with a nerf to level 20 Skewer talent is now lesser than before, but that isn’t really game changing.


The Dota 2 hero, Tiny, a giant rock golem, lumbers forward across the battlefield, his eyes glowing golden

Tiny was one of the most obnoxious picks in the tournament. The hero never seemed balanced and was a menace to deal with. His team up with Lycan who used Wolf Bite to give Shape Shift to Tiny was completely broken. Both Tiny and Lycan have received nerfs. Lycan now has Scepter cooldown matching his Shape Shift, increasing it significantly. Shape Shift by Wolf Bite will now have a fixed 150 attack range.

Tiny’s Tree Throw ability has seen nerfs with unit bonus damage changed from 25% to 20%. Splash damage also matches Tree Grab splash values from 200% to 100% at max level. Tree Grab’s building damage is now 20% lesser at each level. Tree Grab talent at level 15 has also suffered by 10%.

7.30e — mostly Balance Changes

The 7.30e update seems highly predictable and could have come much sooner after TI 10. The pub games saw exploitations of professional strategies and many people suffered cruel losses in-game. Most games played in pubs aren’t in Captain’s Mode and players can’t ban heroes which are overpowered.

The patch has all the changes for heroes and items, but it doesn’t make any slight changes which could have drastic alterations in hero and item choices. This will only balance the game, adding no new play styles. A major patch changing the gameplay, map and item usage will be a fresh breath of air in Dota 2.

Feature Image: Dota 2 Fandom