How To Use Lotus Orb In 7.33B Patch

How To Use Lotus Orb In 7.33B Patch

You can buy a Lotus Orb in Dota 2 matches to counter heroes during battles in the 7.33b patch.

The good news keeps pouring in about Dota 2. Weeks after the launch of the 7.33b patch for the strategy game, the developers of Dota 2 have released yet another thrilling update about the future of the game. Dota 2 has just uploaded a teaser for The International 23 that is set to take place in October at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle.

You can expect The International 23 to attract the world’s biggest esports teams into the tournament. The initial rounds of The International 23 will be held from October 14, 2023, and will reach its finale on October 29, 2023. People can tune into The Road to The International for more updates on the exciting event.

Items like the Harpoon, Disperser, and the Pavise have welcomed many people to try new ways to fight enemy heroes. The latest patch has improved a ton of gameplay mechanics to help players beat their opponents during team fights. Lotus Orb is definitely an item that you want to get familiar with to win more matches in Dota 2.

What is a Lotus Orb?

Lotus Orb is an item that lets people defend themselves against nukers in the enemy team. You can activate a Lotus Orb to avoid getting hit by magical spells cast by your opponents. Lotus Orb requires up to 4 items to be complete.

People can purchase a Lotus Orb for 3850 gold in the game. Lotus Orb provides heroes with 250 mana, 10 armor, 6.5 health regeneration, and 4 mana regeneration. You can combine items, such as, a Perseverance, a Plate Mail, an Energy Booster, and a Lotus Orb recipe to equip the item in your inventory.

Lotus Orb can reflect most targeted spells

You can activate Echo Shell using a Lotus Orb to reflect most targeted spells during battles. Echo Shell applies a barrier on a hero that lasts for up to 6 seconds. Heroes protected by an Echo Shell can cast incoming spells back to the original caster instantly to counter enemy heroes.

Lotus Orb can be used to redirect spells like Magic Missile, Storm Hammer, Gush, and Brain Sap. Enemy heroes with abundant mana tend to ignore heroes guarded by a Lotus Orb to remain active during team fights. You can buy a Lotus Orb to have an easier time fighting heroes like Vengeful Spirit and Bane in Dota 2 matches.

Lotus Orb can help you enter battles

Tiny stuns enemies while protected by a Lotus Orb

Lotus Orb is an excellent item to help you start fights in your games. You can equip a Lotus Orb for heroes like Tiny to let him enter battles bravely to cast his spells on enemy heroes. Tiny has a base health of 780 and a base mana of 279. He gains up to 4 Strength per level. The Strength hero can activate Echo Shell before casting Avalanche to limit the amount of damage taken from incoming spells.

Avalanche deals up to 300 damage to enemy units in a radius of 370. Any enemy unit attacked by Avalanche will be stunned for 1.4 seconds. Tiny can cast Avalanche with ease using a Lotus Orb to initiate battles. You can Toss enemy heroes off the ground to deal double the damage with Avalanche while playing Tiny. It takes less than 500 mana to use Echo Shell, Avalanche, and Toss together. Tiny gains 250 mana from Lotus Orb, giving him plenty of mana to cast all of his spells without depleting his mana pool.

Venomancer can buy a Lotus Orb to hit multiple enemy heroes with his spells. The ranged hero can cast several spells to restrain the movement of his enemies in battles. Lotus Orb can provide the protection Venomancer needs to strike enemy heroes with his abilities to drain their health. The effects of Lotus Orb last for up to 6 seconds. Venomancer can splash his enemies with spells like Venomous Gale to slow them by 50% for 15 seconds in team fights. Enemy units affected by Venomous Gale take an initial damage of 125 and an additional 105 damage every 3 seconds for the duration of the spell.

He can strike enemies slowed by Venomous Gale with physical attacks to further deal 32 damage per second (DPS). His passive ability, Poison Sting, decreases the movement speed of Venomancer’s enemies by 14% from his physical attacks. Lotus Orb will let Venomancer escape from spells cast by the enemy team till he can make his way out of dire situations after using Venomous Gale.

Tusk can use Lotus Orb to attack enemy heroes with an onslaught of spells without getting killed. He can quickly get into position using Snowball to roll toward enemy heroes to stun them for 1.2 seconds. Enemy units hit by Snowball take over 260 damage, based on the number of allies Tusk can pull with him. Once Tusk is able to strike his enemies with Snowball, you can immediately use Lotus Orb to cast Echo Shell. Lotus Orb will prevent enemy heroes from dealing magical damage to Tusk in team fights. Snowball requires 75 mana to be used per cast.

You can obstruct the path of enemy heroes with Tusk using Ice Shards. Tusk can create a wall of ice that lasts for 7 seconds using Ice Shards to force his enemies to attack Tusk. You can wait for incoming spells to be launched at Tusk to cast Echo Shell using a Lotus Orb. Tusk can attack his opponents using Walrus Punch! to deal up to 400% of his attack damage, eliminating enemy heroes in battles with his ulti. The mana boost provided by Lotus Orb allows Tusk to use his abilities several times throughout the match.

Lotus Orb takes less time to farm than other core items

Lich casts Lotus Orb on an ally

The low cost of a Lotus Orb makes it easier to farm the item in Dota 2. Many people head to the off lane to farm a Lotus Orb for their heroes. You can purchase a Void Stone and a Ring of Health from the Secret Shop in the off lane to increase the mana regeneration rate and health regeneration rate of your hero. Perseverance costs 1400 gold and can help heroes heal during the game after taking damage from enemy heroes in the off lane. You can also purchase a Plate Mail from the Secret Shop to increase the armor of heroes by 10.

Lotus Orb can be a core item for a ton of support heroes in the game. You can cast Echo Shell on your allies using a Lotus Orb to guard them in battles. Heroes like Lich and Keeper of the Light can use Lotus Orb to help carry heroes survive longer.

Support heroes can excel in their roles with a Lotus Orb

Keeper of the Light uses Chakra Magic and Lotus Orb on Sven

Support heroes are the best choices in the roster to buy a Lotus Orb. People can buy a Lotus Orb to deal bonus damage to them during team fights. You can cast abilities like Frost Shield with Lich after using Echo Shell to reduce incoming damage from carry heroes in the enemy team.

Once an enemy hero is disabled from reflected spells using an Echo Shell, Lich can cast Sinister Gaze to drag enemy heroes toward him. Allies can attack enemies being pulled by Lich to get easy kills in the 7.33b patch.

Keeper of the Light can nuke enemy heroes with Illuminate to destroy enemy heroes in lanes. He can farm Lotus Orb faster by channeling Illuminate toward neutral creep camps in the safe lane. Keeper of the Light can cast Chakra Magic on allied heroes to restore 320 mana to them. Allies affected by Chakra Magic will have the cooldown of their abilities reduced by 6 seconds. Keeper of the Light can cast Echo Shell and Chakra Magic to increase the number of assists in his games.

Lotus Orb is less expensive than a Linken’s Sphere

Keeper of the Light farms a Lotus Orb before reaching level 10

Linken’s Sphere is very similar to a Lotus Orb. It can cost players 4600 gold to buy a Linken’s Sphere in Dota 2 matches. Linken’s Sphere can reflect one spell during battles. It can take up to 14 seconds to reload the Spellblock ability of Linken’s Sphere. Echo Shell can protect heroes and their allies from several spells for up to 6 seconds. You can buy Lotus Orb to be more resourceful to your teammates in the new version of Dota 2.